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Perfect Jacket Potato

In the colder, more miserable months there is something about a jacket potato that puts everything with the world right again! This post will share with you all the tips to making sure you get the perfect oven baked spud every time!

How to make...

How to make...

1) You can often buy 'baking potatoes' at the supermarket. These are obviously great, otherwise look out for types like King Edward or Desirée. The bigger the better, although aim for something fairly round.

1) Scrub the potato clean to remove any dirt and then pat dry.
2) Prick the potato all over using a fork. This prevents pressure building up inside of the skin as it cooks and causing it to split open.
3) Rub a little oil, salt and pepper over the potato.

1) Preheat an oven to 180°C.
2) position the potato onto the middle shelf and leave to cook for 90 minutes, turning over half way through if you can (not essential if you're cooking this whilst out).
3) If you are cooking several potatoes at once, make sure there is room between them in the oven so the heat can get all around.

1) Remove the potato from the oven and cut through the crisp, crackly skin in a cross shape.
2) Push inwards and upwards from all four corners to expose the fluffy middle and serve simply with a knob of butter and/or any topping you like.

Top Tip
If you are short of time, then force a metal skewer through the centre of the potato when it's raw and cook with this sticking out. The metal conducts the heat of the oven and helps to cook the potato from the inside out. This will reduce the cooking time by about 30%.

Perfect Jacket Potato

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