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Perfect Boiled Potatoes

So many people class boiled potatoes as 'boring potatoes' - but that's not the case. Served rolled in butter with a sprinkle of herbs... but even better use a slice of our very own herb butter and you're onto a winner! This post will show you how.

How to make...

How to make...


1) Boiled potatoes are best done with new potatoes. These are slightly waxy and have a very thin skin which is perfect when left on. Varieties include... Jersey Royals, Charlotte Potatoes or Anya Potatoes.

1) Scrub and wash them well to remove any dirt or grit... but leave the skin intact.
2) Submerge into a pan of cold, salted water.

1) Bring the pan to the boil and simmer for 12-15 minutes depending on the potatoes size and age.
2) To test if they are done, stick a knife into the potato and you should feel no resistance. Lift the potato out of the pan on the blade and tilt it back towards the water. If the potato slides back off of the knife then they are ready.

1) Drain the potatoes and return to the dry hot pan with a knob of butter and plenty of salt and pepper to season. At this stage using a herb butter is perfect.
2) Toss to coat the spuds in the butter and serve immediately.

Perfect Boiled Potatoes

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