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Filleting Round Fish

Which fish?
This method refers to whole round fish that you have previously de-scaled and gutted. For information on how to do this preparation see here



1) Lay the fish on a solid, non-slip surface and grab the tail firmly using a cloth or piece of kitchen paper to avoid slipping.
2) With a straight and sharp knife (not serrated) cut into the fish from the tail end, slice towards the head, using long slicing movement and the whole of the blade, with the knife slightly angled towards the board, cutting down and scraping the knife along the backbone to avoid any wastage.
3) Remove the fillet, turn over the fish and repeat the same process on the other side as a round fish as two fillets.
4) Lay each filet, skin side down, on the table and trim away the rib cage of bones and fat in one piece by slicing underneath them at a shallow angle.
5) Trim any excess fat or sinew to leave you with a lean fillet.

1) To identify them, carefully run your finger along the spine from the tail end to the head end and you should feel any bones sticking out.
2) Remove any small bones that protrude from the centre spine of the fillets using a clean pair of tweezers, pulling them out in the same direction that they are angled.

1) If you are leaving the sin on, then pinch the flesh together from either side.
2) Cut thin slits in it all the way along the fish. Be careful to cut through the skin, but not too deep into the flesh.

TO SKIN (optional)
1) Lay the fillets horizontally on the board and cut into the tail end of the fillet towards the skin at a very shallow angle.
2) Clamp down the skin using a cloth or bit of kitchen towel and move the blade of the knife along the fish, under the flesh, towards the head cutting very shallowly against the skin so as not to slice through it.
3) Alternatively, keep the knife still once against the skin at a very slight angle, grip the skin firmly and wiggle as you pull it against the knife.

Filleting Round Fish

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