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Food with Friends (eBook)

This summer (July 1st) we launch our second cookbook "Food with Friends" packed full of over 130 brand new recipes to get you Sorted!

It's the ultimate guide for entertaining friends in a fun and fuss-free way, from romantic suppers and family barbecues to curry nights for hungry hordes. Whether you're cooking for two or twenty, 'Food with Friends' by The Sorted Crew is THE book for easy entertaining.

We've made the book digital so you can get it all around the world. Plus... we're launching one chapter at a time so you can grab just the bits you need and, even better, we're giving the first chapter 'The Ultimate Barbie' away absolutely free!

If you're in the UK then check out and pre-order the book from the following links:-

Apple iBooks

Google Play

If you are outside of the UK then head to the Amazon, Apple or Google retailers for your territory and search for "The Sorted Crew" in the search box... for example:-
Amazon.ca for Canada,
Amazon.de for Germany or
Amazon.co.jp for Japan.

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Chapter inspired recipes

Beer Can Chicken: The Ultimate BarbieSavoury Muffins: The Picnic HamperCanapés: Smart Casual CanapésRaspberry Tartlets: Food to Show OffDoughnut KebabsFondant FanciesSticky Chicken: Easy Going DinnersChicken and Chorizo puff pieGoan Fish Curry: Curry Nights In

Our first book...

Beginners Book

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(1) If you haven't got a physical Kindle tablet then you can download and view our cookbook using the free kindle reading app for your smartphone, tablet or laptop (for ios, Windows 8 or android) from here

(2) Remember, we'll be launching all 9 chapters, individually, week-by week from the 1st July. That way, you can buy only the chapters that are most relevant to you! If you want the entire book, then jump the queue and save money by buying the whole ebook at once from the 8th July. Buying the whole book together is cheaper than purchasing each chapter week by week if you want all 9!

(3) If you like or even love the ebook once it's downloaded then please please please leave a review or rate the cookbook on the website you downloaded it from! It really helps to make sure others can enjoy it as much as you have.

Food with Friends (eBook)

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