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Valentine's meal pack

It's that time of year again...it's time for you to put in a bit of extra effort to impress your loved one with some seriously posh food. Some people might dread this but we're here to get you Sorted with the perfect 3 course menu.

We've picked the dishes that show off some skills whilst still being easy to bash out with our help. For a starter you can't get much more simple than our simple scallops. We take all the mystery out of cooking this stunning seafood dish, letting you take all the praise.

To follow, a stuffed chicken ballotine is something a bit different and is sure to impress. Our cafe latte creme caramel can be a little more tricky, but as long as you stick with our recipe you'll turn out something that your valentine will definitely remember!

Shopping list

Recipes in the pack

Simple ScallopsStuffed Chicken BallotineCafe latte creme caramel

Shopping list

Meat and Fish
4 strips of bacon
8 scallops
2 chicken breasts
pork mince (100g)

Fruit and Veg
1 bulb of fennel
1 lemon
2 large field mushrooms
1 large banana shallots
a bunch of fresh parsley
1 clove of garlic
handful of roasted new potatoes
few outer leaves of savoy cabbage

dollop of mascarpone
a few knobs of butter
whole milk (250ml)
double cream (500ml)
5 eggs

Dry Ingredients
chicken stock / stock cube (300ml)
caster sugar (250g)
1 tsp of vanilla extract with seeds
1 tsp of instant coffee
splash of white wine

Valentine's meal pack

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