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Savoury Festive Dishes

There are certain situations or flavours that you simply can't enjoy Christmas without. We've tied together a few of our favourite choices into one simple mealpack bundle for you to make the most of.

To begin we have the perfect answer to your Xmas party finger food problem. A selection of three awesomely tasty but stupidly simple dips.

Next up, a starter that you would often see on festive menus at the work Christmas do. Only this time you can recreate it at home for friends or family without worrying about embarrassing yourself in front of the boss! It's our camembert cheese sticks with spiced orange relish.

And for the main course... our sticky mulled wine duck. Pick up all the brilliance of a glass of mulled wine and apply it to a breast of duck... serve with shredded sprouts and a beautiful mashed potato to soak up the sticky sauce and it's a winner every time.

Shopping list

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Recipes in the pack

Party DipsMelted cheese sticksMulled wine duck

Shopping list

Meat and Fish
4 duck breasts

Fruit and Veg
3 oranges
2 lemons
2 limes
bag of brussel sprouts (500g)
bag of medium potatoes (1kg)
bulb of garlic
1 shallot
bunch of fresh coriander
bunch of fresh basil
bunch of fresh parsley
bunch of fresh chives

ready rolled puff pastry
pot of sour cream (200g)
chunk of creamy garlic soft cheese (like boursin)
1 wheel of camembert

Dry Ingredients
jar of cranberry sauce
bottle of red wine
tin of chickpeas
bottle of olive oil
bottle of white wine vinegar
tin of white crab meat
jar of sun-dried tomato pesto
jar of marmalade
jar of mayonnaise
jar of cinnamon sticks
jar of cloves
jar of mixed spice
jar of ground cinnamon

Check you also have
splash of milk
caster sugar (150g)
salt and pepper
2 eggs
handful of flour
a few slices of stale bread

Savoury Festive Dishes

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