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Halloween Meal Pack

Around Hallow's Eve it's fun to get involved with the spooky theme and go all out with fancy dress, pumpkin carving, some garish punches and themed food.

This meal pack gives you something savoury and bloody to start, a slice of spider's web cheesecake to finish and plenty of chocolate fudgy popcorn balls to go trick or treating with. If you want to give them a go them the combined shopping list is below.

Shopping list

Recipes in the pack

Bloody Mary SoupBlackberry Webbed CheesecakeFudgy Popcorn Balls

Shopping list

Meat and Fish

Fruit and Veg
1 bulb of garlic
1 stick of celery
1 lime
punnet of fresh blackberries

tub of mascarpone cheese (250g)
small carton of double cream

Dry ingredients
2 cartons of passata (1kg in total)
a bottle of tobasco
1 bottle of balsamic vinegar
a small loaf of white sliced bread
a jar of horseradish sauce
a jar of celery salt
small bag of caster sugar
small bag of self-raising flour
small bag of icing sugar
pack of gelatine sheets
a bottle of vanilla extract
raw popping corn (150g)
1 tin of condensed milk (397g)
dark chocolate (400g)
orange sugar strands to decorate
small bag of white chocolate chips

Check you also have...
1 tsp of caster sugar
splash of milk
shot of cooking oil
a knob of butter
1 egg

Halloween Meal Pack

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