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Chorizo and Goats' Cheese FrittataChocolate Polenta Cake

Gluten Free Meal Pack

Gluten intolerances (an inability to digest the main protein in wheat flour) are being understood more and more. Even people without an intolerance are cutting down on carb heavy, gluten rich foods such as bread and pasta. It's so widespread now that restaurants are introducing gluten free menus.

We've made plenty of gluten free dishes since we started out, many of which aren't obvious from the outset. Here are three of the very best!

If you're looking for a tasty lunch that you can save and eat as a cold snack look no further than our chorizo and goats' cheese frittata. It's really filling and packs in loads of flavour.

For a light meal try a Chinese 5-spice beef & cucumber salad just make sure your soy sauce is gluten-free, many varieties are now. Another dish that's full of flavour and a great sweet treat is our gluten free chocolate polenta cake.

Or try any of our other gluten-free options.

Shopping list

Recipes in the pack

Chorizo and Goats' Cheese FrittataChocolate Polenta CakeChinese 5-spice Beef & Cucumber Salad

Shopping list

Meat and Fish
large chunk of chorizo (150g)
2 beef steaks (150g each)

Fruit and Veg
1 red onion
1 cucumber
a couple of spring onions
1 lime
1 red chilli
few sprigs of fresh coriander
handful of fresh chives, chopped
small packet of fresh rocket

milk (300ml)
double cream (50ml)
log of goats cheese (150g)
9 eggs

Dry Ingredients
polenta (90g)
honey (50g)
dark Fairtrade mint chocolate (120g)
½ tsp vanilla
2 tbsp of cornflour
2 tbsp of pine nuts
½ jar of sun blushed tomatoes
2 tsp of Chinese five spice
1 cup of jasamin rice
handful of cashew nuts
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil

Check you also have...
salt and pepper 1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp sugar

Gluten Free Meal Pack

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