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Jamie Oliver Kidnapped - FridgeCam

As far as FridgeCams go, this one's quite spectacular!

This week Barry and Jamie realise that SORTED has a new celebrity subscriber... And if the boys can keep their cool, perhaps even a new celebrity friend!

What could go wrong?!

If you enjoyed it then please share with your friends... and go and check out Jamie Oliver's Food Tube Channel too!

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Pineapple fritters
Tempura Prawns and Edamame Salad
Skinny Chicken Korma
Jerk Chicken and Crispy Potato Skins


This week's recipes...

Pineapple FrittersTempura prawns with Edamame saladSkinny Chicken KormaJerk Chicken with Crisp Potato Skins
Jamie Oliver Kidnapped - FridgeCam

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