You say Zucchini… I Say Courgette!

You say...

You say Zucchini, I say Courgette. You say Eggplant… I say Aubergine. You get the picture that there’s a small problem when it comes to our global cooking community and food language problems. Some people are left like HUH?! when it comes to certain ingredients because the wonderful English language has so many crazy variants… 

British vs US English can result in some big changes. If you’re not a native speaker, reading recipes must be super confusing. So we’ve listed the common variants you might see when you’re cooking.  

The left hand side is the British version. The right hand side is the US version. In some cases we’ve also added in New Zealand/ Australia versions too. Don’t forget to let us know if there are any others out there. We’ve really racked our brains, but there are probably some missing from this list…

Courgette Zucchini

Aubergine Eggplant

Chips Fries

Crisps Potato Chips

Gherkin Pickle

Plain Flour All Purpose Flour

Sweets Candy Lollies (New Zealand)

Biscuit Cookie

Corn Flour Corn Starch

Icing Frosting

Soft/ Fizzy Drinks Soda

Tortilla Chips Corn Chips

Spring Onions Scallions

Rocket Arugula Roquette Rucola (There are so many! We’re so confused! But it’s a salad.) 

Spelling can also be disputed. Recently we realised we had no idea how to spell hummus… houmous…. humous…. hoummous…. whattttttttttt. We put out a poll and you guys voted that ‘Hummus’ is the correct spelling. Thank goodness we have you!

hummus cropped

Got any more? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook. Don’t even get us started on kitchen measurements. Metric and Imperial… AHHH.

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    Coriander — Cilantro