Your Christmas Leftovers… SORTED!

Turkey Header

It’s Christmas Day, you’re lying on the couch feeling a little unwell. You’ve eaten far too much. Why oh why would you want to be thinking about the leftovers?! As if you could eat even one more morsel!

Thing is though, the ingredients leftover from a turkey Christmas dinner are too good to be true! How often do you have a whole turkey lying around? Very rarely we would think.

It might seem simple to some of you. Many families will have a staple leftover dish that is mandatory every year. But if you fancy creating your own tradition, or fancy a bit of a change, here’s a list of classic ideas to make sure every last scrap of food is used to the maximum. It could feed you for days after. Wahoo!


Turkey Curry

Bridget Jones loves a good turkey curry buffet, and so do we! Maybe you too will meet the man/ women of your dreams over a spicy spoonful.

Our Turkey Bhuna Curry comes served with a beautiful blend of spices served with a fragrant rice and a mango raita. It’s a lovely change of flavours from the traditional roast.


Turkey Pie

How about a Moroccan Turkey Pie? Bet you never thought of that!

This recipe calls for 4 turkey breast steaks but use the same amount of leftover turkey and you have a fabulousy flavoured pie to serve up with all the leftover vegetables and gravy.


Skinny Soup

If you feel like you, yourself are beginning to resemble a Christmas turkey, go for a super healthy option and make a tasty soup. If you have an abundance leftover, you can freeze it and save for a rainy day. You can even make use of the carcass and throw it in with the broth to make amazing stock.

This Skinny Turkey and Wild Rice Soup by Amanda from The Skinny Fork is wonderful. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s delicious! Just look at that picture. Mmmmm.



Turkey is so scrumptious and can always just be eaten cold! If you’re having a bit of a bash leave out the plate and by the end of the day, it will 100% have all been gobbled up. Same goes for the veg, stuffing and potatoes. If you leave the cranberry sauce in close range- try stopping people from having a pick.

So there you have it. Your Christmas Leftovers… SORTED! What’s your favourite leftover Christmas Dinner recipe? Fancy sharing it with us? Head over to SORTEDfood or download our app.