Your Chocolate Questions Answered


Turns out you guys like 5 minute brownies huh? Or maybe it’s just anything involving chocolate…. I’m right aren’t I? Don’t worry. We LOVE chocolate, so Ben took to Twitter after our 5 minutes brownie Fridgecam and answered a bunch of your chocolate question in a live Q&A. These are some of the best chocolate questions answered!

First, let’s get one thing straight… White chocolate is NOT chocolate. Oh and it’s not even white really (but may still be delicious).

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Chocolate is the most delicious of sweet treats because of the process that it goes through to become chocolate. Even plain dark chocolate can vary massively in flavour, but you can also pair it with some really interesting flavours! Two tips: Be adventurous and buy the good stuff!

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Now if you want to do anything really fancy with chocolate like shape it, and keep that lovely shine and snap then you’re probably gonna have to temper it. It doesn’t have to be too difficult but we still recommend having a thermometer to make sure you’ve got those temperatures correct.

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Chocolate in cocktails is heaven. Fact. Seriously though, we all know chocolate in drinks is awesome (hello hot chocolate, chocolate milk and of course… the mocha) but add the right alcohol and you can even enjoy chocolate on a night out. And be honest… aren’t you just looking forward to gobbling some chocolate when you’re home? 😀

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Chocolate is not just for your sweet tooth either! It can be really good in *some* savoury dishes. It goes with game, and it’s well known for going in the Mexican dish mole, and sometimes even in a good chilli con carne! Best tip here is to hold back. Less is more and dark is best!

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A couple of extra tips before we finish! First, we usually melt and ever temper chocolate in the microwave, which is awesome and easy… just keep heating it slowly, don’t leave it in too long because it can burn! BUT if you don’t have a microwave, use the classic method! In a bowl over simmering water. Just don’t get any water in that chocolate… it’ll be ruined!

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And finally… Is there such a thing as too much chocolate? Well that’s for you to decide!

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  • Pauline Keet

    Chocolate and spices…..there’s a whole world of flavour combos right there. Chocolate and chilli, or cardomom, cinnamon, black pepper, clove, allspice, nutmeg…..and that’s just single spices. There’s a world of spice mixes out there that can work too….I once found a beautiful ras el hanout that went beautifully with a lovely, fruity 80 per cent cacao chocolate, and I used it successfully in both sweet and savory dishes. The key is to, and yes this sounds obvious but so many people don’t do it, TASTE. Taste different chocolate (and taste your spices too….you may THINK you know what, say, cinnamon, tastes like…but different cinnamons have different flavours too), taste expensive chocolate if you get the chance, and start to understand WHY it costs more and why it might be worth it for the complexity of flavour you get. Chocolates all have unique flavours(and textures for that matter) and they may not be what you expect. Most dark chocolates, for example, have a real fruity note right upfront in their flavour profile. They may also be spicey, or floral, or savory in the finish…..then think, what would that flavour work with? Experiment, and keep tasting.

  • YourAverageTeapot

    There is a fairly easy way to temper chocolate without a thermometer. I came across it in a book once and it has always worked great for me. You can test the temperature of the chocolate by touching a drop of it to your lower lip. When it feels neutral to slightly cold (depending on how much cocoa is in the chocolate the ideal temperature varies) it is ready to use.