What Got You Into Food Blogging?

So many reasons, so much food… 


We spend so much of our time being inspired by others. At SORTEDfood we love to look at what amazing food other bloggers are creating, not only on their SORTEDfood profiles but on their own blogs! We caught up with some friends of SORTED to find out what inspired them to get into blogging…

Niki Webster

Blog: Rebel Recipes


“I started my blog at the start of last year as I wanted to share my passion for healthy plant-based food and the recipes I’ve been creating over the years. I loved it as soon as I started and haven’t looked back. The best thing is connecting with so many like-minded people and just the opportunity to be creative every day. I absolutely love creating recipes, experimenting in the kitchen, food styling and photography.”

Jane Dunn 

Blog: Jane’s Patisserie 


“I’ve always liked to bake, but I was never that confident. When I went to Cookery School a few years ago and excelled in the Patisserie side of things compared to the others, I knew Patisserie was for me! I’ve wanted to have a bakery and recipe books of my own so I thought a blog was the best way to start my passion for patisserie & baking. I’ve never looked back. It’s my hobby, it’s my job and it’s my passion! Inspiring other people to bake now is my favourite, and my blog does that!”

SORTED profile: Petra Gustafsson

Blog: Crumbles and Kale


“I’ve always known that food was my thing. The one thing I was really good at. However, I wouldn’t have started blogging if it wasn’t for SORTEDfood. I was on a long-term sick leave because of an injured back and out of boredom I uploaded a recipe for chocolate balls (yes that’s a thing here) on the SORTED website. From that moment on I was completely hooked, writing recipes and photographing my food. A couple of months later I started my blog, Crumbles and Kale, to be able to document even more of my foodie adventures.” 

SORTEDprofile: Will Cowley  

Blog: Student Chow


“StudentChow was always a bit of a pipe dream at the start. I’ve always loved cooking and did a bit of vlogging as a teenager but I got into a rut when I got to University. Setting up StudentChow, watching SORTED’s videos, and combining it with a new-found love of working out, helped me eat better during University and made me think about food more and bring my passion back to cooking. While I may have graduated, I still have a lot to learn and with the help of the community we can make something really special.”

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