When In Greece: Finding The Perfect Salad

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Beth’s been travelling. Again. But we’re not jealous because she’s brought us back some incredible snaps and the low down on the Greek Salad. Did you know that the classic recipe isn’t supposed to include lettuce?

This past September, I visited Greece for the first time and my first island stop was Mykonos. I wanted to make the most out of my four nights on the island, so I reached out to the Sorted community to see if anyone had any #lostandhungry recommendations.

Thankfully @lilmack0rz and @MikeSafariMusic came through with a recommendation for the Vencia Boutique Hotel in Mykonos Town which came through as a top notch rec providing stunning views and delicious food!

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Naturally, I ordered a Greek salad for my lunch. I’m not sure if it was the crispy, fresh ingredients or the surrounding sea of white and blue landscapes, but it was a perfect Greek salad.

Greek salad is known as horiatiki, which means village in Greek. It’s a summer salad that is typically eaten between May and September when the ingredients are at their peak. The salad is known as a ‘peasant salad’ since it is inexpensive, yet healthy and filling, but is eaten by most Greeks with both lunch and dinner.

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The Greek salad never includes lettuce, yet internationally most Greek salads include lettuce. The traditional Greek salad is made up of: tomato, cucumber, onions, olives (typically Kalamata), olive oil, seasoning (salt, pepper, oregano) and feta cheese. The dish can include additional ingredients of green bell peppers, capers, or other olives and soft cheeses depending on the island in Greece. The feta cheese comes in either a large chunk on top of the salad or, sometimes in a couple of medium-large chunks broken up.

Since we’ve already had the autumnal equinox and we’re heading into winter (despite still wishing for another Indian summer spurt), I can’t wait until next Spring when I can start making and eating these salads daily!
Next time you see a Greek salad on the menu in a restaurant, make sure it doesn’t include lettuce – otherwise you’re getting the internationalized version and not the real deal.

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