I don’t want to shock you, but ‘pie’ is a pretty big deal in America… we know this because a couple of years ago we attempted to make the ‘All American Pie’ and so many people told us that there are a million ways to do it (and their way was obviously the best!!).

Hoosier Mama Pie

So, with a suggestion from Kelsey to get pie from Hoosier Mama Pie shop on Chicago Ave, I thought I should go and see how they do theirs! Walking inside, it looked like a very small shop but it goes back a long way. Behind the counter I could see at least 4 people busying themselves with various stages of baking.

As a fairly new Artisan bakery they are doing their upmost to make it look ‘old-school’. With several old pie tins hanging from the wall and a cute table in the window it has a good feel about it… even if from the outside it looks a bit under whelming.

I was looking for a savoury pie but since it was only an hour before they shut, and pies are baked fresh daily, there was only a choice of two left. I opted for the Chicken Tomatillo Pie… basically a chicken pot pie with a Mexican influence. I waited whilst it was heated up, sipping on a Tangerine and Ginger Iced Tea and flicking through their cookbook.


My pie was delicious. The crust was made with 1/3 cornmeal and 2/3 wheat flour so it had a rich, yellowy colour and was well spiced with white pepper and paprika. The filling was fairly unique to me too, and after enquiring I was told that it had a cumin-based sauce around the dark, thigh meat of chicken but that the main flavour I was identifying came from a green Mexican salsa made using tomatillas. It was like enchilada meets chicken pot pie… and I demolished the lot!

I couldn’t leave without trying a sweet pie too… I mean they had about a dozen to choose from! But I couldn’t eat another bite. I hatched a plan to take a slice of their signature Hoosier Pie back to the apartment with me to snack on later. Truman, the guy serving, was having none of it though… he insisted I took 3 slices home so that I could try three different pies side-by-side and make a comparison. So, with my arm twisted, that’s exactly what I did… Find out how I got on HERE! 

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  • Margaret c

    I’m really enjoying your Lost and Hungry series. Wish you were posting more on YouTube, though.

  • http://deliciousnotgorgeous.blogspot.com/ Heather

    As you were saying, everyone has a different way to make pie (like how cornbread or chowder differs depending on where you are). Personally, I want a really nice flaky crust that’s crisp but not hard, and has a lot of filling (preferably fruit; the creamy ones tend to be a bit rich, like you mentioned in the “1 Guy….3 Slices of Pie” post).

  • Scott Howard

    Hoosier Mama is absolutely incredible! I’m glad you found your way into West Town!

  • Rachel

    Now you should come try the pie at Proper Pie Company in Richmond, VA! Savory New Zealand style hand pies — So good!