Hiking seems to be a common past-time around these parts. The same for the likes of LA… any excuse to get out of the city and into the hills for exercise and fresh air.

Now 21 days into the tour and since I’d given up running in week 1… I thought some exercise would be good.

After a filling and substantial breakfast/brunch at Stepping Stone Cafe (as suggested by @Matt_Woody13) I started the walk up to Pittock Mansion. It wasn’t far, probably just over an hour… but it still worked up a sweat. However, what made the trail hike even better was the fact that I had company. I’d tweeted out that i was looking for a brunch suggestion ahead of a hike and got plenty in response. But what I also got was a tweet from a guy called Jason who offered to join me on the walk.


The pair of us trekked up the hill with me continually hassling Jason for more info on the local area. We seemed to cover just about every topic on the subject of food and I even got a few more reading suggestions to add to my library… not the kind of #LostandHungry recommendations I was expecting… but ones that would keep me occupied for more then just the next mealtime. In case you want to check them out for yourself, he suggested:-

  1. ‘At Home’ by Bill Bryson
  2. ‘Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation’ by Chris White
  3. ‘Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation’ by Michael Pollan

And since this is a food blog… no hike would be complete without some grub to keep you going. I opted for some locally made IPA marinated beef jerky. I’d bought it at the Saturday Market from a a guy called Roland. He explained that by using skirt beef (pure pectoral muscle), marinating it in local Oregon IPA beer for 48 hours, then naturally smoking it until it reached the perfect PH levels you’d end up with top quality beef jerky.

I’ve tried beef jerky before and not been that impressed. But this stuff has changed my mind… it was salty, smoky, chewy but still somehow still juicy! Great food to snack on once we’d reached the top of the hike… after taking a few awesome pics of downtown Portland of course. (Just a pity Mount Hood isn’t as visible as some of the postcards I was tempted to buy!)


  • http://anhthologie.com/ Anh Mai

    We made our own protein bars before tackling the steps at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook and it was a good thing we did! If you want a really good workout that will push your limits, definitely try it out. Basically, it’s a steep stairway made up of roughly 300 very uneven steps. I sprinted up with some of my friends who have completed the LA Marathon multiple times before and by the time we made it to the top, we were all dying. But the view was so worth it! You can see all of LA, including Downtown and the Hollywood sign! I don’t recommend running up in minutes like we did though… I think the average time is 15-20 minutes so stick to that haha. But those protein bars definitely saved us because after a quick rest and some stretches, we jogged down a trail and went up those steps again! Definitely felt it the next day though…

  • Christin N. W.

    Any type of food that can be eaten on the go and not make a mess afterwards.