How To Make The Best Nachos

There ain’t no party like a nacho party.

Spicy Chorizo nachos

Cinco De Mayo has come, so we need something to celebrate. Though nachos aren’t distinctly Mexican, no party is complete without a giant plateful. You might be thinking that the construction of nachos is very straightforward and in truth, yes, perhaps! However, the slightest wrong move and BANG. A soggy mess.

Run to the kitchen and join us in a nacho feast after work…

When you’re shopping for nachos ingredients, don’t hold back on cheese or meat. On a recent live Periscope nacho cooking session our community seemed shocked when we asked them if they thought we should choose either Chorizo or Chicken as a topping. The answer was obviously both. Truth is, if you feel a particular topping should be there, it deserves to be there.

Recipe: Ultimate Pork Belly Nachos.

Ultimate Cheesy Nachos With Dip


Get a plate that’s bigger than your head. Or serve your nachos in an edgy pie dish. Or actually, just use an oven tray… who cares as long as you have the space that allows for good layers?! Tortilla chips, cheese, meat, tortilla chips, cheese, meat, tortilla…. You get the drift.

Recipe: Cheesy Nachos With Dip

Cheesy nachos with dips

Experiment a little and create your own staple nacho dish. How about mixing BBQ sauce with stripped chicken… or spoon a ladle of your family’s secret chili recipe on top? Are you a veggie lover? Peppers can go down a treat! Your friends will be knocking on your door next year if you’ve nailed an original recipe.

Recipe: Chili Beef Nachos

Chilli Con Carne Nachos

Perfect your guac and salsa. These are staples of the nacho platter. One bad move and your whole rep will come crashing down. Sour cream is an obvious one too but have you ever tried natural yogurt? This is equally delicious and you’d be surprised at the different edge it brings. Evenly distribute the dips by dolloping spoons all over. No one needs a river of cream or guacamole to take the crunch out of the chips.

Coriander is one of those annoying things in life. It really makes a difference to the finished dish and it adds colour and life to the final picture (think of those instagrams!) but… 50% of people love it, 50% of people hate it. Solve any fall outs by chopping it and serving it in a side dish. Same goes for chilli and spice.

Chilli Coriander Nachos

Nachos are one of those times where a ‘serving for 4’ actually means a ‘serving for 1’. Be generous, crack open the beers and lay out plenty of napkins. Check out our nacho recipes below. You won’t regret it.

Think you can do a better job at your own nachos? Upload your recipe to SORTEDfood or tag in your instagram photos by using #sortedfood. We want to see ‘em.

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