Did you hear we’re launching this little thing called #LostandHungry? Thought you might have!

Well… we’ve only gone and done it in style! Yesterday we were on the TODAY Show on U.S. telly to officially tell the world about what we’re up to on our #LostandHungry tour (and to eat some incredible BBQ – thanks TODAY viewers!). There was even makeup.

So what does all this mean? It’s means that we are now in L.A. and all #LostandHungry rules are in effect. We cannot eat ANYTHING without your say so. You guys even chose what we ate on the plane over here. Thanks for letting us eat the pretzels, @sarahCclausen!

We’re kind of hoping there’s going to be some better food to eat in L.A. than on the plane… pretty sure that’s a given 😀

This morning we’re kicking off with some coffee (don’t worry, James OK’d it) and then off to film our very first #LostandHungry feature as suggested by you guys. What do you reckon… will it be Tacos or Korean BBQ? (Hint: Watch out on Snapchat and Twitter to find out early).



  • Stephanie

    Have you guys considered heading to the Midwest, specifically Milwaukee, Wisconsin? I work as a server and pastry cook at a new restaurant in Milwaukee that focuses mainly on Midwestern inspired foods. I’d love to bring you in for an awesome meal! Beyond the restaurant I work at there are a number of really great places in the city that are showing we can compete with the culinary scenes in larger cities, not to mention plenty of spots to find Wisconsin classics like cheese (there is a place here called the Mars Cheese Castle…), brats, and beer. Chicago is also an hour and a half by train or car, so it would be really easy to check out another great city with an excellent gastronomic culture.

  • Nadia Zaman

    Is it just me or are the little videos on the top right corner not working for others? :(