Ok, so I failed at the first hurdle and made a Virgin/Virginia joke even before starting the blog… But what do you expect from me? I’m only human!!

Today we arrive in Virginia, and like many of the places we’ve visited so far on this tour it’s the first time for all of us (I’M SORRY!!!), and we can’t wait to explore!

However, there is something slightly different about this visit, a brand new experience for us (ok, I’m going to stop now).

Not only have we had recommendations from long-standing SORTEDfood community members, but also the locals from Virginia have got involved and actually campaigned for us to come to their state… Have a look at this screen grab of tweets we received a few weeks back:

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.05.30


How amazing is that?!

It was pretty difficult to ignore all of that, so we got in touch with Visit Virginia, the tourist board who were leading the campaign, and started a conversation with them.

It turns out that they love Virginia (who knew?) and the concept of Lost and Hungry so much that they just want to show off what their state has to offer to us and the whole of the SORTEDfood community! The end result is they have recommended a 3 day itinerary for us to take in some of the best food and drink experiences from the region, including a place for a meet up!

This is completely new ground for us, and a whole new chapter of the Lost and Hungry story! This journey started in L.A. with lots of restaurant recommendations, we moved on to exploring farms, we’ve been invited into people’s homes to sample proper home cooking, and now we have States campaigning for SORTEDfood to come and visit… That’s crazy!!

The best thing is, this is all down to you and the conversations we have together. We never thought Lost and Hungry could breed this sort of passion, but you have proved time and time again how amazing you can be!!

As well as an incredible and packed itinerary, we also got a TONNE of great recommendations from Sunday’s FridgeCam for what to eat whilst we’re in Virginia, so we can’t wait too explore those too!

So, ready or not Virginia… HERE WE COME!!!

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  • John Lustrea

    Where in Virginia are you guys?

    • Jennifer Nguyen

      Richmond, VA (assuming from their snapchat and twitter)

  • Jennifer Nguyen

    Where are you guys going next in VA? Northern Virginia or DC maybe? :)

  • DECO Ristorante

    We hope you’ll come visit us for some authentic Sicilian cuisine on our gorgeous sunny patio this evening. Octopus, caponata, panelle, calamari or sfinge? We have it and we’d love to welcome you at our family restaurant that was just voted as best Italian in Richmond! See you soon?

  • Karen Griffith

    Hey SORTEDFood guys! If you want to have so authentic Virginian southern food, Go to The homeplace in Catawba, VA. The food is incredible and the drive up there is so beautiful through the blue ridge mountains. It’s also a great place for you Brits to experience what a biscuits is suppose to taste like. Kidding! Have a great time here in Virginia!

  • Esther

    It’s a Jamie Spafford blog post so I expected a [questionable] brilliant joke and that’s exactly what I got.

    I think it’s so awesome how Visit Virginia extended this invitation to Sorted Food. To be honest, Virginia isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when I think of American food hubs so I’m eager to see what they have to offer.

    Now I’m off to convince Tourism BC to step up their game

  • Robin McCall

    Thanks for coming to RVA, guys! We had such a great time with y’all at Rappahannock tonight. Safe travels as you continue on the tour, and please come back to Virginia anytime! We’ll always do our best to make you feel welcome!

  • andrea jung

    What is your itinerary?
    I hope it includes coming the VA Beach as well!!!!

  • Karina

    Heard you guys are going to NYC next, so here’s a couple of places I love
    – Vatan: Amazing Indian place. They have a pre-fixe meal that is incredible and it’s also all you can eat – wear stretchy pants.
    – Smorgasburg in Brooklyn: It’s an outdoor food market with a bunch of different vendors.

    Hope you guys have time to visit!

  • Winne