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  • Roseanne

    Well, never thought of eating the Clitoria/butterfly-pea flower by itself. The only time I’ve used it in cooking is to dye the rice blue for my mom’s ‘nasi kerabu’ or herb salad rice dish. Most of the time though, I just collect them (my mom have two very productive ones) crush the flowers into paste and massage it into my scalp and hair. Makes my grow thicker and healthier.

  • Joseph Del Corpo

    Seeing all of those tropical fruit brought me back to my holiday in Brazil. The amount of pineapple, mango, passionfruit, cashew (fruit and nut) and other fruit that I had down there was insane and all incredibly delicious. A smoothie that was very popular while I was down there was just blended up pineapple with some fresh mint, that’s all. It was so good and so refreshing. My friends and I had at least a pitcher of that by the beach almost every day. You’ve got to give it a try. You could even add some plain or vanilla yogurt to give it an extra something but just pineapple and mint is perfect. Ben, I guarantee that you’ll love it. Just a heads up though, if you do end up trying it, the juice does split. the actual juice from the pineapple and the fleshy ‘pulp’ of the fruit separates after a little bit. Nothing that some stirring can’t fix though.

  • Monica Kormoczi

    The Clitoria, lesbians favourite edible flower

    (I’m sorry)