Top 10 Moments On SORTEDfood This Month

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Where does the time go? Another month gone… What are the best moments from October on SORTEDfood? Find out…. and don’t forget to like all of the recipes. Do you have any more to add?

10. We made Banana Bread with all of your suggestions and it pretty much broke the internet. Well our website anyway… 

Banana Bread


Grab the recipe for banana bread here.


9. Barry was ridiculously helpful in the kitchen during the making of a snickers bar.

H4uXalr - Imgur (1)


Grab the recipe for the snickers bar here.


8. A lasagna was made but Ben thought he was a wizard so no one really knew quite what to do.

m3RC2ya - Imgur


Get the recipe for lasagna here.


7. We had to remind James that he’s not actually a horse.

VqB9CUw - Imgur



6. Thousands of people around the World joined us for Calzones and it was spectacular.

B7XPTKQ - Imgur


Get the recipe for calzone here.


5. We noshed on some walking tacos.

BC1PnLl - Imgur


Get the recipe for chilli beef nachos here.


4. Barry got quite upset about the smell of Durian.

HjcTZhj - Imgur


Get the recipe for the smelliest cheesecake here.


3. These pinwheel cookies were made and the world smiled.

TcKNLFR - Imgur


Get the recipe for pinwheel cookies here.


2. There was not one straight face during an epic Hot Dog Battle.

VxXOAmD - Imgur




1. We had a guest performance from Adele which moved the whole studio to tears.

J1deetm - Imgur