We’re going on the road and we have an exciting new partner to announce!

NBC’s TODAY Show will be following our journey across the U.S. for the first leg of our Lost and Hungry tour!!

We will be LIVE on the TODAY Show in New York City announcing the start of the tour on Thursday 23rd April, and the TODAY anchors will also be checking in with us once a week to see how we’re getting on as we tour around the U.S.!!

The TODAY Show has been running for over 60 years in the U.S. and is something of an institution… So we’re massively excited to become a part of it for a while!!

Every week we’ll be opening up the conversation about where to go and what to eat to their millions of viewers, and we’ll either send them a video showing what we’ve been up to, or we’ll be in their studio cooking up some of the food we’ve been discovering. In other words, your suggestions for where to go, what to eat, and what our forfeits should be could end up on The TODAY Show… Nice!

You’ll be able to watch these segments live on the show or online afterwards. So if you’re not in the U.S., FEAR NOT, all the videos and performances will be available online so you won’t miss out! You can find them on or their YouTube channel,

This is the biggest thing we’ve ever done and we are thrilled to work with YOU – our SORTED community – to make it happen. Be sure to check in with us each day to uncover new challenges and ways for you to be a part of the Lost and Hungry tour!


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  • Alison

    You should definitely come to Hyde Park, New York. There is this school called the Culinary Institute of America, with people who could probably help you figure out where to eat if you are ever lost. And it would be awesome to potentially meet you all if you stopped by.

  • Becky

    Come to Philly and head to Reading Terminal Market. And get cheesesteaks (obviously)

  • irene

    So you guys will be in nyc on the 23rd?! Omg if so. I will.come and cheer for you guys!!

  • Alysson Gray

    If you have extra time in New York, check out the Ellen’s StarDust Diner in Time Square. It’s a great example of the classic American diner with a Broadway twist (the staff are aspiring actors and sing live on top of the tables.) also, the breakfast is amazing!

  • Francis Adams

    You need to visit New England.Connecticut,Massachusetts,Rhode Island,New Hampshire,Vermont,Maine…..Take Boston Mass for instance.The Union Oyster House Clam Chowder and Clam Cakes.The Parker House Hotel(where the Boston Cream Pie was invented).Then take a ducky tour or a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.Or check out witches in Salem Mass.A lot of eateries around.Sturbridge Mass has Old Sturbridge Village.Plymouth has the Pilgrims and Plymouth Rock.Vermont has the Vermont Country Store(get some cheddar cheese,crackers and maple butter.Plus Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory.Maine has Lobster Rolls and other Seafoods.New Hampshire has wonderful places to eat at.Rhode island has many awesome eateries.Mel’s lemonade,Autocrat Coffee Syrup.Wrights Chicken Farm.Plus a hidden jewel,Wright’s Bakery(the bakery is on a farm and the milk and cream is pumped from the barn to the bakery,Awesome!!!).Connecticut,so many places.Fox woods or Mohegan Sun Casinos.Mystic Aquarium and Village.Mystic Seaport.Mystic Pizza.Putnam CT,my Hometown is in the quiet corner and last green valley.If you make it to Putnam you need to try the Lobster Tail Pastry at Victoria Station,as well as anything at 85 Main or any place here.New England is Rich in History and places to eat.There’s just too many to list.Wherever your travels take.I wish you all the best and Safest Journeys!!!……

  • Vicky Lee

    In New York, there are SOOO many hidden gems!
    Living in the the lower east side of Manhattan is incredible!

    The Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery has amazing cupcakes. Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop and Black Cat Cafe has amazing food! Around the corner is the Essex Market, and the Williamsburg bridge (if you want to get a view of the East River). What’s great about these 4 places are that they’re so close to one another! Chinatown is about 10 minutes away as well! Mee Cafe in East Broadway had great bubble tea, Man Son and Pho Grand are my favorite Vietnamese restaurants. The Chinese bakeries are Zafis Luncheonette has incredibly mouthwatering breakfast!

    These are some of my favorite spots, I hope you guys take a chance on the lower east side of Manhattan and enjoy the food and drinks.