50 Thoughts You Have When Reading A Menu

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1. There’s a lot on this menu.

2. Too much.

3. How will I decide?

4. I can’t decide.

5. I’m overwhelmed.

6. I’m panicking.

7. Stop.

8. Am I ever coming back here?

9. Probably. So no panicking.

10. I’m officially not panicking.

11. I’m so hungry.

12. I can’t focus on the writing.

13. It’s starting to make me angry.

14. Great, now I’m hangry.

15. Concentrate.

16. Do I want a starter?

17. The puddings look good too.

18. Will I want a pudding later?

19. I want both a pudding and starter.

20. That’s decided.

21. Is that going to fill me up?

22. How big are the portions?

23. Let me look at that table over there.

24. Yes. That looks like a lot of food.

25. Who am I with again?

26. Phew. Not a date.

27. But will I get judged?

28. I will probably get judged.

29. Time to tone down the carbs.

30. How many sides does that come with?

31. No chips? Right that’s ruled out.

32. What the flip does that mean?

33. I should probably know.

34. I’ll ask someone.

35. No wait.

36. What if I look like a right tool?

37. I’m going to ask anyway.

38. Yep, I now look like a tool.

39. Not ordering that then….

40. What’s everyone else going for?

41. Will I get food envy?

42. I’m totally going to get food envy.

43. Shotgun ordering last.

44. I think I’ve decided.

45. Yes it’s official.

46. Oh my, I’m so proud of myself.

47. I’m closing the menu.

48. Why is the waitress here?

49. They’ve RUN OUT of that?!!

50. Seriously my life is over.

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Back to square one………

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