The time is finally here! Watch the trailer to get a taste of what is to come from our #LostandHungry tour. Have a look around, get involved and take control!

  • Sigríður Lóa Björnsdóttir

    You should come to Iceland!!

  • Kelsey McIvor

    You guys should go to south western Nova Scotia and try Rappie Pie, it’s a potato and meat dish with all the starch squeezed out, and have some brown bread on the side :) Also you should try Digby Scallops and valley strawberries cause they’re just so friggen good!

  • Jennifer Elkin

    We are ready for you to come to America! You need to come to the “Tastiest Town of the South” named by Southern Living Magazine which is one of “America’s Faves”. DURHAM NORTH CAROLINA! Where do I begin for you to start. Well we can meet up at our newest Hotels 21 C Museum Hotels and Counting House Restaurant, we just opened one of only FOUR in the USA . You can come and taste some great Chicken and Waffles at Danes on Main Street, then Toast have a Crostini, did you want a delicious cupcake then let’s go to the Cupcake Bar, how about some sipping chocolate at Cocoa Cinnamon, we have not even started. Try some of our Beers, we are one of the BEST area’s with many Breweries, we just had the beer festival. How about a piece of Pie from Scratch Bakery, Phoebe the owner won BEST with James Beard Awards third year she has won best baker, she is known for her Chess Pies! Come and get in touch with me at my website I WILL CONNECT YOU WITH ALL THE GREAT PLACES TO EAT IN DURHAM, RALEIGH, CHAPEL HILL AND MORE! We are ready for you to come for a visit! Contact Jennifer!

  • ontheopenocean

    you MUST have pork roll from new jersey! and a good diner meal too!

  • Michelle Bryan

    Since you guys will probably be in the U.S. Around this time and its getting closer to derby time in the state of Kentucky which means good food and good drinks. The derby takes place in Louisville KY and while you’re here even though its not food but you could check out the bourbon trail. …. Gotta try the derby pie

  • Thomp1975

    Fat Mama’s Tamales in Natchez, Ms with their famous KNOCK-YOU-NAKED Margaritas!!

  • Maliah Hightower

    Burger Joint in Millford, Michigan

  • Dylan Mota

    hey guys you shoud go to Montreal QC Canada we have the best smoked meat sandwiches at a shop called Schwarts as well as great bagels at the St Vaiteur bagel shop

  • Erin Kaufman

    You have to go to Tarahumara in Heber City, Utah of all places. It’s the best Mexican food I’ve ever had, and I used to live in Arizona.

  • Michelle Bryan
    Short notice but thought it would be really cool. I go to culinary school and we help out with taste of derby. plus there are so many other things to do while your in Kentucky. just a few things…

  • Tanya Nguyen

    You should come to Ottawa, Canada for Beavertails, Le moulin de Provence (or Obama’s Bakery) and The Fish Market restaurant in the Bytown Market!!!!

  • zilveti

    You should come to Brazil, to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, Recife and Minas Gerais. #lostandhungry #sortedfood

  • Natalie Hatch

    You need to go to a Kneaders in Utah! They bake their bread fresh and the sandwiches are divine!

  • Gus

    Gnocchi at Giorgio’s on West Channel Rd. Penne all Vodka at Locanda Portifino on Montana. Expensive burger at My Father’s Office on Montana or Pono on Broadway. All in Santa Monica. Ramen at Yamdaya in Torrance. Pizza at Vito’s on La Cienega, Prime Rib at Lawry’s on La Cienega, Michelin star experience at Providence. Fast food burger – In & Out, Tommy’s Chili cheeseburger. These are some places off the top of my head. Pint of Guinness at Tom Bergin’s on Fairfax. The Farmer’s Market at The Grove on 3rd and Fairfax.

    • Tyler Kowch

      Definitely In n’ Out sometime while you’re in southwest USA

  • Tyler Kowch

    Come to Phoenix! Phoenix is the the epicenter of Southwest food. You can find amazing Mexican cuisine, plus a melting pot of food from across the country as well. I highly recommend, which is actually three different restraunts rolled in a nice little bow. You have an awesome Italian place, some of the best pizza I’ve ever had at their pizzaria, and some fancy gourmet burgers at their grill.

  • Toasted the Phoenix

    Please make the trip down-under to Australia

  • Gabriel Chen

    Best coast west coast. Come out to California. Din Tai Fung (Dumpling House) in Los Angeles is absolutely amazing. T-Pumps is my favorite boba. Cream is pretty popular ice cream sandwich place right now.

  • LE

    Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Florida has the best stone crab in the country. Every time I go Florida, its the only place I want to go too. The place is legendary and the food is AMAZING?????

  • Ev McInnish

    Ozark, Missouri! We have a restaurant called “Lambert’s Cafe” where they throw dinner rolls at you and pass the side dishes around the restaurant family-style. It’s really famous, and also close to Springfield, Missouri, home of the biggest Bass Pro Shops store (it’s this outdoorsy sort of place, they have stuff for fishing and camping and hunting, but the real draw is the decor: amongst other things, they have a 3-story waterfall and multiple giant fish tanks). Branson, Missouri is also nearby and they’re known for having the most live entertainment of anywhere in the US.

  • Anika Hofschen

    please please come to Germany =D! like the Munich area! U can eat your way through all the typical Bavarian food but also find a really big variety of amazing international food! I bet your have a blast :)

  • Kat Brown

    Utah has a rich culture and a great diversity. Two of the most common dishes we are know for are green jello and funeral potatoes. Both are delicious! When Utah hosted the winter Olympics back in 2002, one of the most coveted pins was the green jello pin! It would be cool to have you here are try these dishes. Although, both dishes are best homemade so, not sure how you will sort that out. Good Luck guys!

  • Enya Foerster

    If you come to Germany, and happen to be close to Heidelberg, go to Gino’s and order the Taco Spezial :) you won’t regret it

  • Daniel Mauricio Mora Gomez

    Come to Colombia. We have in one city what a whole country could offer you.