10 Times Crisps Made You Hideously Angry

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There’s something about crisps. They have power. Oh so much power over us mere mortals. They can bring joy, sadness, laughter and anger. So much anger…

1. When manufacturers decided to brutally do in your favourite flavours with no prior warning.

crisp sadness

RIP smoky bacon.


2 .When the flavours got so ridiculous you forgot what a crisp actually was…

What do you want

Crumbling sea salt and lightly mulled cider vinegar tortilla chips please.


3. When the majority of the packet were light green and you just couldn’t.

ew gross

If I wanted a packet of radioactive crisps, I would have asked.


4. When you got to the supermarket and found there was an entire aisle dedicated to crisps and all you wanted was a packet of ready salted.

Freak out supermarket

I will not calm down.


5. When you thought you had one crisp left but the packet was actually empty.




6. When it was no longer the thug life to make a crisp sandwich.


They see me rollin’…


7. When someone asked you for a crisp and they took a handful of at least five.

crisps no

I’ll just go an buy myself another packet then. 


8. When you remember the time a packet of crisps cost 20p.


Who can afford crisps these days?


9. When you paid your hard earned money and the packet got stuck in the vending machine.

Vending Machine

You will NOT defat me. 


10. When you stood by the crisp selection at a party and absent-mindedly ate everything.

Stuff your face

Where have all the snacks gone?


But the world would be a dark place without crisps. We’re still waiting for the day that they bring back smokey bacon. What are your favourite flavours? At SORTEDfood we’ve even created our own out of veggies! Grab the recipe for root vegetable crisps.