The Extreme Flavours Challenge


The other day at SORTEDfood, we had a disagreement. This is weird for two reasons. 1) We are the best of friends and rarely disagree about anything. 2) We tend to agree on what food is good and what’s not. For example, chocolate = good. Snails = bad.

This got us talking about flavour combinations. Now that’s a whole other thing. Now we all know bacon is god’s gift to earth but does it taste even better with cheese? Or does Nutella lose it magical powers when combined with savoury or spicy flavours?

These are the questions that keep us up at night. So, we did the only sensible and responsible thing we could have done. We wrote a load of flavours down, put them in a hat and forced people to try different combinations against their will.

Here’s what happened…

First up: Hannah – Bacon and Cheese


Now Hannah made the somewhat tactical decision to go first, hoping that would increase her chances of some sort of bacon and cheese feast. It did. She was testing if bacon and cheese taste good together… We’re not bitter at all. 😒

Next: Jamie – Cinnamon and Anchovy



Jamie wasn’t as lucky as Hannah. He picked out cinnamon and anchovies. It couldn’t really have gone worse for him if he’d tried, to be honest. 

Katie – Mustard and Lime


Poor Katie didn’t fair much better. I mean, who doesn’t love a spoonful of mustard drowning in lime juice? We’ve all seen those videos of babies trying lemon for the first time. Katie did a great reenactment of that, good job. 

James – Tomato and Jalapeno



Look at that face. That is the face of a smug Scotsman. As much as we wanted to hand James the equivalent of the cinnamon challenge, in reality, he just ate a spoon of delicious pizza toppings jalapenos and tomato. How irritatingly tasty.

Abbie – Nutella and Sambal


Ok, so I have a confession to make. I hate Nutella. I know I’m basically going against the whole internet here but I just hate it. This is why it came as somewhat of a surprise to everyone when I pretty much cried after I pulled it out of the hat… The sambal the was totally on board with. I know, I’m weird.

Barry – Honey and Gherkins


Honey and gherkins were a pretty poor pick let’s be honest. But the more we thought about it the more it made sense as a combination. Just think breakfast burger or drive thru situation and it’s almost palatable… almost.

In conclusion, we learned that we still like the flavours that we thought we liked and the flavours that we hate, well, we still hate them. So all in all one of our more in-depth, scientific studies.

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