The #CookingGap Event at SORTED HQ

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As you know (if you don’t where have you been?) we’ve recently teamed up with Co-op to tackle the cooking skills gap in the UK. Over the past couple of months to consolidate our research we’ve been whizzing round the country visiting schools and meeting extraordinary people to try and figure out what we can do to bridge this gap and get people back in the kitchen.

More recently, some delicious ideas have been developing and we’re confident we’re close to an epic idea! To continue our research we held an event in our London HQ with bloggers and influencers from all over the country.

Ben and Will

The evening was a blast. After some initial open discussions about the research conducted by Co-op we threw our bloggers in at the deep end- into the kitchen with Ben! Here we challenged them to perform some basic skills from onion chopping to preparing pizza toppings; all the way continuing the conversation about the best methods to teach people and what skills are actually valuable to put together simple meals.

Getting a wider perspective was enormously helpful. Because there was such a wide range of people… Mums… students… food nutritionists… bakers & cake decorators… having all these opinions under one roof could only mean one thing: progress!

With all that brainpower churning we made sure there was some great grub to hand. All the food we served was created from some incredibly easy recipes we think would inspire even complete beginners to pick up a pan.

Bloggers Strip 2

And because at SORTEDfood we’re all about making food personal, we sent each guest home with a cookie recipe, a pretty heavy box of ingredients (sorry guys) and a challenge: Pimp it up! We’ve seen some insane concoctions and twists coming through on social along with some great pieces that really go deep on the issues behind the #CookingGap.

You know we love a battle, so we made it a bit of a competition and after many ums and ahhs have to give the prize to Gavin Wren! It was the touch of cardamon in the cookie dough that won it for us. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out this great piece on the evening by our competition winner Le Petit Oeuf or this vlog by Mama Foodie. Follow the hashtag on Twitter to see even more chatter.

Also check out the rest of our journey that we’ve documented in three videos. We’ve now met so many incredible people who are as passionate as we are to do something about the #CookingGap.

Thanks to everyone who came. Keep with us. So much exciting stuff to come…

Thanks from the SORTEDfood Team and Co-op x