We had planned on visiting at least one vineyard on the way up to San Francisco. Paso Robles may not be as well known as Napa or Sonoma, but it’s a huge wine producer, with over 200 vineyards each making their own wines. They range from very small producers to hundreds of thousands of cases!

Although we planned to stop (loads of people told us we should!), we had no idea where we were going to stop. After a quick search of local vineyards one caught our eye and we headed straight there. Driving up the winding drive in the afternoon was something a bit special. This vineyard, Eberle is right on top of a hill, underneath which are are network of temperature controlled caves housing barrels and barrels of wine.

We reached the car park and came out to rolling vineyards beyond a big deck full of people enjoying the wine! Then we walked up to the entrance to find the owner, Gary, sitting outside enjoying a glass of wine himself. He was kind enough to let us sit down and have a chat (and a glass or two of wine ourselves).

This guy was a fountain of knowledge. He had been in the wine business for years and clearly had a huge passion for what he did. When he mentioned that he was due to receive a lifetime achievement award for his work with wine we knew we had come to the right place!

Out of all the knowledge he had, one thing stood out: California is great for wine. The Californian climate lends itself perfectly to growing grapes. We’re no experts, but if you want great wine, then we can tell you that Paso Robles is right up there :)

It wasn’t a bad way to end a day of great food and suggestions from you guys! So now we’re going to ask you for one more suggestion… What other road trips are a MUST in the U.S.A?

  • Emily Tan

    I would definitely do a road trip up or down the east coast. Since the states much smaller than on the left coast, you’ll be able to see more places and cover more ground. And you’ll quickly see all the regional things that this part of the U.S. has to offer — New England clambakes, Philadelphia cheesesteaks, the 24-hour diners in New Jersey, Maryland crab cakes, Vermont maple syrup, Boston’s clam chowder, North Carolina BBQ — I could go on forever. I’ve been an east coast girl all my life and done this kind of road trip more times than I can count, but I always seem to find something new whenever my friends and I hop in the car and drive. Can’t wait to see where you guys head to next!

  • LE

    You should definitely go to the national parks. I know its not food oriented but its an out of this world place to go. We went to Brice, Zion and the Great Cannon. it was amazing and one of the best parts of our trips a few years ago. Yellowstone is great as well. You can spend up to a week there finding new exciting things. You might even end up finding a great restaurant to eat at too!!!!!

  • Elie Glyn

    I spotted Barry and Mike today (May 10) at the Sycamore Kitchen in LA. (Aren’t you guys in SF now? I’m confused.) I considered saying hi, but LA etiquette frowns upon bothering celebrities while they dine. Even YouTube celebrities.
    But still I thought you might enjoy knowing you’re sufficiently famous to be recognized by random fans.