Now, we love tacos.

We eat them every once in a while and we’ve even done a couple of recipes for them, but tacos in L.A. is something different entirely. They are everywhere. 

You’ve got them on menus in restaurants and bars; fast food chains dedicated to them; smaller individual take out places that don’t look like much but serve you the most amazing food; and of course… How could we leave out food trucks??

We went to about 8 different places in our search for fantastic tacos in L.A. and below are our experiences of a couple of the best… Both from food trucks!

Obviously food trucks in L.A. are a well established trend by now. There’s a lot of them and they have to be great to get ahead. The two we visited were both great. 


Kogi BBQ is pretty famous, we got a bunch of specific recommendations to go try their tacos, because guess what? They’re covering all bases here… A Korean BBQ twist on Tacos. How could we go wrong?

They’re dubbed the original food truck and since they began they’ve expanded in a big way to 3 trucks plus a few stands in L.A.

We ordered a few different tacos, from pork and kimchi to calamari… and all were fantastic! It was like a taste explosion of two incredible foods coming together. Exactly what fusion food should be about!

It felt like the perfect find after having to being told to eat both tacos and Korean BBQ whilst in L.A., but honestly, we also wanted to find tacos that were a little more authentic. A couple of people had asked for fish tacos, and we came across Ricky’s Fish Tacos on every ‘best of L.A.’ list we found. 

When you pull up to Ricky’s there’s not much to tell you that you’re arriving at one of the best taco stops in the country, but for the people who know about Ricky’s, it’s an absolute treat. Believe it or not, he started out as a florist and the taco truck came about when he decided to try something new after cooking for friends 7-8 years ago.


In L.A. you expect everything to be big and bold, but this is a movement of modest, unassuming guys who do their thing and do it well. The truck is a beast, but everything around it is simple. It’s all about the food and people get it in a big way. I mean, we rocked up and within minutes the place was packed. 

We managed to sit down with Ricky and ask him a few questions about the food and his operation, but not before he’d looked after all of his customers. He was the nicest guy ever but the customers always came first! When we did get to chat to him, it was clear that his tacos are all about simplicity. He gets a lot of suggestions from customers but he just nods and smiles politely. In his mind he does one thing: tacos, and one style of filling: seafood. And boy, does he do it well!!

So what have we learnt from this experience? Well obviously, tacos are huge in L.A.!

But bigger than that, if you come here, you have to try a couple of places… See how different people make tacos, what fillings they choose, how authentic they keep them or how far they push the concept of a taco. If you need a place to start, Ricky’s Fish Tacos and Kogi BBQ come highly recommended.

It’s also helped cement our thinking that getting hold of good ingredients and keeping dishes simple is often the best way to produce the best tasting food. It’s something close to our hearts, because we believe that everyone should be able to cook and have fun doing it! :)

  • Christina Conte

    Thanks guys. Now I’m DYING for a fish taco!!!! :(

  • Grace Kennedy

    I’m from Long Beach,CA. now living in PA. I really miss tacos. Great article. Everything from the photos to the description of the tacos made me want to be in Southern California. Thanks .
    However, I’m a grammar addict. Please don’t say “What have we learnt”. Learned is the go to word.
    Don’t get mad, just learn. It makes us better people. I’m still learning myself.

  • christina rocha

    Taco trucks are the best! If you make it up north come to Woodland (about 15 miles north of Sacramento), we have a few taco trucks to try! The one on Main and 113 is the best! We are also near Davis, and there are lots of great places to eat there too!

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  • Jonathan Cao-Nguyen

    There’s nothing authentic about fish tacos. They were made in San Diego, CA… It’s as Americanized as Kogi’s. So to say that you moved from Kogi’s tacos to fish tacos because you wanted something more authentic… HA! I laugh 😀

    • Elle

      Pretty sure that the people of Baja would say otherwise.