The Art Of Taking A Grilled Cheese To The Next Level


A grilled cheese is often one of the first recipes you learn, be it at University or as a peckish teen being left alone at home for the first time. It’s so satisfying to hit the nail on the head when the cheese oozes out into a delightful mouth explosion.

How to make it even better? Good question. We’re glad you asked. You don’t need fancy equipment, just full commitment to make the best grilled cheese anyone’s ever seen. Let’s rock today…

1. Choose the right bread

The bread you pick is crucial. Put away that lump of stale mouldy stuff. Who do you think you are? Get out the granary loaf or the fresh sourdough you bought from the market this morning. (10 points for excellent organisation skills.)

2. Choose the right cheese…

We’d recommend at least two types with different colours. It’s far more satisfying to see the marble effect as the two combine and melt into each other. Avoid hard, aged cheeses like parmesan because they’re difficult to melt and same goes for watery, soft cheeses like feta. You want a good strong cheddar packed full of flavour or a Monterey jack blended with chillies.


3. … But don’t use too much

Less is sometimes more. Yes, you want oozing deliciousness pouring out but you don’t want your bread to be a soggy swimming mess drowning in oil. Unfortunately, there can be such a thing as too much cheese. Don’t be that guy.

4. Go to town

If you’re making a grilled cheese we’re going to guess that you’re not overly concerned about your waistline right now. The oldest trick in the book is to butter up the outside sides of the bread so it browns nicely in the frying pan (or both if you’re a bossman). Don’t hold back here ok? Use a decent amount of fat or you won’t get the even, sexy crisp that we know you’re looking for. A community member even suggested using a bit of mayonnaise?!! Thoughts on that?


5. Be sophisticated

Rub herbs into your butter to give your grilled cheese even more flavour. A lovely idea is rosemary. If you’re making one for someone else you will blow their cotton socks off with the smell.

6. Be a frying pan magician

Get your pan to the right temperature. Hot enough to hear the sizzle of perfection as you lay your cheese baby down but not too hot so that you end up with a burnt outside with cold cheese on the inside. Not to give them too much credit (as their heads will explode) but Mike & Barry came up with a neat little doubling up trick in our EPIC grilled cheese pizza video.


7. Go green

A nice trick I once saw from a food trucker was to add some fresh, crunchy greens in after the cooking process. A handful of rocket or some sliced avocado can act as a lovely contrast to the gooey insides. By adding it in after you’ll still get the flavours with minimum wilt from the leaves.

8. Plate it up

Yes, you need to make your sandwich look aesthetically pleasing but you could also serve it with delicious condiments. Grapes, chutneys, cold meats can sit on the plate too. You have a feast at your fingertips. Enjoy. You’ve crafted perfection. Well done you.

Are you filled with warming, crispy, cheesy joy right now? Because we are. What are your favourite cheese/bread combinations for your sandwich? Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter!

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