The Art of Baking Food In Salt

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We had a bit of an experiment the other day. We get loads of requests for recipes that involve baking food in salt. So we thought it was about time we gave it ago and shared some of the things we learnt! 

Like any method of cooking that you’re not used to, the unknown can be a little daunting. We’ve stripped things back to the bear essentials to give you some beginners tips to cooking with salt. We decided to start with fish but you can also use the same process with meat and vegetables. Check out our new sea bass recipe here

You’d be forgiven for thinking that baking food in a large quantity of salt would be expensive but actually, it’s the opposite! When you buy salt in bulk it’s actually relatively cheap. To give you an idea we used about 1kg of salt per fish.

When you are prepping your salt and egg whites, you want it to be about the consistency of wet sand. Think the kind of sand that makes a really good sandcastle. This is because you need the salt to hold together and form a crust when it is being baked.


If your food, in our case fish, isn’t sealed in his cosy salt cave, it won’t be evenly cooked. To get the best results you need to make sure you use plenty of salt and make sure your fish it totally encased so no extra air can get to the fish.  

Add flavours to your salt… We added smoked paprika to our salt mixture. We are still undecided whether it made a massive difference to the overall effect. It made it a cool colour though so that’s nice. Do you guys add extra flavours to your salt? Check out our recipe lab on Instagram and let us know what you think.

Lot’s of people think that baking fish is salt makes it really unhealthy, but in reality, the salt creates a case around the fish to steam itself in, making it far healthier than frying. 


It can be tricky to know when your fish is done. We baked ours for 25 minutes but it is worth bearing in mind that the salt will keep the fish warm for quite a long time after it’s out of the oven. This means it will continue to cook until you serve.
Then it’s time for the big reveal. Cut along the side and see if you can lift the whole top section of salt off in one piece. (This bit is great for dinner parties, makes you look like a total boss).


We think our salt baked adventure turned out pretty well for a first try but we want to know what you would do differently! Let us know on Instagram what we should change for our next recipe! 

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