Can you have too much sugar on your beignet? Sometimes you’ve just gotta come to the most well known, touristy places. Why? Because even the locals say it’s the best! Cafe du Monde is a world famous institution. This place is full because they’re doing the right things, not just because they’re in the right place.

 The first thing you notice is that powdered sugar coats the floor around each table… Why? Because the reason this place is famous is the ridiculously popular beignets. Apart from coffee and a couple of other drink options, It’s actually the only thing they sell. But that’s ok, because you really can’t beat a beignet with a coffee.
These things are piled high with powdered sugar and you’ve really got to eat them fresh. But really the secret is back in the kitchen, the dough is rested overnight before being cooked in cottonseed oil.
They’re incredibly delicious donut-like treats (how can you go wrong?) but we had one big question…
Can you make them at home? 
Well… Burt told us that the recipe has been in the family for 3 generations. You’ve got to be a family member to know what goes into the mix, and unfortunately we’re a little while away from getting that! What we did get are 3 tips for making great beignets:
1. Don’t overwork the dough. It’s a soft dough.
2. Don’t refashion the dough, just cook up the offcuts (otherwise known as the “cook’s treats”!!).
3. Make them smaller to ensure the oil stays hot enough to cook them properly.
So what do you reckon? Do you like the look of these sweet treats?
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  • Jennifer Maddron

    I love, love, LOVE beignets! At least what I’ve had of them, anyhow. You can get them at Disneyland (both in the park and outside the park at Downtown Disney), but I’m certain Café du Monde is leaps and bounds better since they’ve been cooking up beignets for so long!