SORTEDfood’s Top 10 Food Predictions For 2045


Today is the day that Marty Mcfly travelled to from 1985 in the second instalment of Back to the Future. It got us thinking, what will life be like in another 30 years time? More importantly, what will food be like…? Here are our predictions for 2045.

1. We’ll be able to print pizzas at home with our 3D printers.
If 3D printers are a thing now, surely someday they’ll be able to print food. You’ll be staying in for a Friday night printaway!

Home Alone Gif

2. Every kitchen will have a robotic sous chef to do all the stupidly boring things like chopping and peeling.

The ultimate cooking companion. If you’re really lazy, the robot could even make you dinner, but where’s the fun in that?

3. We will regularly eat, and find, insects burgers delicious.
Well, we’re not too sure about this one. But you never know.

4. You will be able to nip into Space for dinner and sip on a cocktail as you look down on Earth.
We’ll look back and laugh at the time when the highest dinner view was up the Burj Khalifa.

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5. Advertisers will be able to send you food to taste through your TV set just like Willy Wonka.
Okay so technically it all went a bit wrong for Mike TV, but how awesome would it be.

6. A detailed investigation results in a discovery that cake is actually very, very good for you.
PLEASE let it be this one come true. Please, please, please.

7. The Bacon Éclair will be the latest hybrid food trend.
Bacon with cream and pastry. You just wait. People will be going nuts over them and queuing for hours to get a bite.


8. Scientists will have found a way to generate electricity out of Brussels Sprouts.
They’re so potent and create so much excess gas on Christmas Day that there must be some way of using them as a force for good.

9. Cats will be eating at the dinner table with us because they’ll have opposable thumbs.
Evolution is speeding up. You could invite Felix and all his friends over for a dinner party. They’ll still want to kill you.

cat stare

10. We will still not have reached the conclusion if we love, or hate, Marmite.

Can someone just decide. Please. You’ve got 30 years…

What do you reckon? Have you got any more predictions? Which one above is the likeliest to come good? Head over to Twitter or Facebook and let us know.