SORTEDfood’s 2016 Food Predictions

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Another year, another set of ridiculous, crazy and delicious food trends. We’ve had a stab in the dark and came up with our top 11 trends we believe we’ll see in 2016….

1. Multicoloured crazy food

Have you seen the rainbow bagel? If not, Google it NOW. It’s UNBELIEVABLE. We predict baking and desserts will continue on the road to extravagance and bring in more nostalgic flavours and visuals to the party.

2. Seaweed

This is the green of all greens to replace Kale. Don’t turn your nose up! We’re not talking about nipping to Blackpool with a bucket and spade! It’s a delicious ingredient and so much can be done with it.

3. Brazilian food

The olympics are up again and this time they’re hitting Rio de Janeiro. We all want a piece of the action so if you can’t quite afford to head over to South America, immersing yourself with good Brazilian food in front of the TV will do just fine. We’re expecting restaurants and street food vendors to really ride the global buzz.



4. Peruvian groundcherries

Also known as the ‘goldenberry’ this fruit is set to be the next superfood. Step aside kale. There’s a new kid on the block.

5. Avocado oil

Coconut oil and avocados were big players of 2015. So it only makes sense for avocado oil be next.


6. Dirty French food

Think beef bourguignon burgers and oozing béchamel fries. The French are known for being sultry and sexy, so let’s see what this take on their food brings.

le bun


7. German food

German comfort food like sausages, schnitzels and spaetzle will begin to feature more and more as foodies and consumers start to pick up on their awesomeness.

8. Pop up restaurants

Pop up markets and festivals have really taken off over the past few years but already in London we’re starting to see a rise in the number of street food vendors popping up in restaurants. Exciting and sporadic! It’ll be great to have innovative food so accessible.

9. African food

We all love a good curry, there’s no denying. But in the search for more fragrant and exotic flavours many chefs and foodies are turning to African and Middle Eastern cuisine to inspire spicy palates. We’re on board!




10. Fermenting at home

We see things like sauerkraut and kimchi on many restaurant menus and they’re a delicious addition to many meals. We’re expecting to see fermentation experiments come into the home.

11. Sugar is evil and must be destroyed…

Well, not completely. But as more and more substitutes and innovative ways of cooking and baking come into play, the UK especially will look to reduce the daily amount of sugar we’re used to.


So there we have it! What do you think? Anything we’ve missed? Anything you disagree with? The year will go by in a flash and we can’t WAIT to see if we’re right. How waaaaay into the future too? We made some predictions for then too…