SORTEDfood Asks: What’s Your Absolute Favourite Thing About Food?

Barry and Ben laugh over food

We love asking you guys questions. Sometimes they’re weird, sometimes they’re wonderful and sometimes we need a bit advice & opinions for our recipes to make sure that you people actually want to eat the food we make.

Last week we got a bit sentimental because what started out as a simple question gave some powerful responses.

What’s Your Absolute Favourite Thing About Food…?

We asked. You answered. And here’s what you had to say…

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SORTEDfood was started to share the passion for food. Food means something different to everyone! We especially love it, because it brings people together; whether it’s cooking together and learning new skills or sitting around a table to catch up!

Thanks so much to everyone who gets involved over Twitter and Facebook. And if you haven’t yet…. get over there! There’s a conversation happening every day around food, and we’d love you to join in.