Ben & James Answer Your Questions!


We sat down with our two delightful chefs Ben and James to answer some of your workout and foodie questions.

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James: I like yoghurt, chocolate, nuts, fruit and honey. I’m not a big sweet person so this is a great combination if you don’t fancy something super sweet.

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Ben: When you’re making a soup, one of the most important things is your stock. Make sure you are using a really good quality stock and your soup is sure to be delicious.

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J: This is the one time you can eat a lot and not feel guilty about it. Lots of carbs like pasta and rice are great with a good dose of lean protein.

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B: Of course you can! The best thing to do is just buy regular tinned tomatoes and blend them up. That will be fine as a substitute for passata in any recipe.

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J: Personally, I like to keep a consistent diet and enjoy everything I eat rather than just on a cheat day. Everything in moderation! 

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B: Seasoning is super important when you are cooking vegetables. Make sure if you are roasting, for example, you season them generously. Another tip is to make sure when you’re are cooking them you finish them off on a high heat, a little bit of extra char gives a great flavour.

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J: The best tip I can give is to try a slow cooked recipe. Chuck all the ingredients together and cook it really slowly. You’ll get great flavour and the meat will be super tender.

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