Showdown: Tea vs Coffee


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There are so many debates out there in the foodie world. Like Marmite. Do you love it or hate it? (Actually, let’s come back to that another time ok because the answer is CLEARLY love it and you need to go home and reassess if you don’t agree….)

But some things in life naturally end up going head to head. So we thought we’d have a bit of fun and get the opinions from you wonderful SORTEDfoodies.

To start with, we asked you last week via a shiny new Twitter poll… what do you think is better?

Coffee OR Tea.

That’s a tough one. Especially as we asked at 9am UK time. Ouch. I think most people would have rather opted for a shot of caffeine to the neck. Anyhow, the choice was there and we wanted to know.

Strip tea and coffee

Before we reveal the outcome, it would only be fair to campaign for each side.

What are the benefits of tea?
This aromatic drink is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. Wow. And there are so many variations. From a bog standard builder’s tea with lashings of milk to fruit, bubble, iced and herbal variants. Soothing and homely, tea will always, always be there for you, for a hug in a mug.

What are the benefits of coffee?
This brew from the humble coffee bean has sparked coffee houses and empires all over the world. It comes with dead fancy titles like ‘cappuccino’ that roll of the tongue and make you sound darn sophisticated. Coffee likes to dress up and have a good time for Christmas. Coffee will also pick you up off of the pavement in your hour of need.

Well that’s great. But as ever we’re also interested in the food. On SORTEDfood we have an incredible amount of recipes that contain both.

Tea has been used in Green Tea Tiramisu and to make Green Tea and White Chocolate Madeleines. And have you had Chai Tea? This could convert you. (Photos in order of mention.)

Tea strip

Coffee however, can hold its own as a flavour. It’s also a great supplement to chocolate as it enhances its richness, or in a beef stew?! Our favourites are probably Cappuccino Pavlova, Churros with Chocolate Coffee Sauce and Coffee Marinated Beef with Maple Slaw. (Photos in order of mention.)

Coffee Strip

The Results:

54% of you voted for tea.

46% of you voted for coffee.

We have a winner. Well done tea.

Do you agree with the outcome?  If you really really had to choose would you go with tea too? Let us know. We’re always on the hunt for more creative recipes with Tea and Coffee. So if you have any firm favourites don’t forget to sign up and upload them. Or send your photos to @SORTEDfood via Twitter or Instagram.

  • Eddie

    I love the smell of coffee brewing, but the taste is too bitter for me. As a Texan, I do enjoy a glass of ice tea when I eat out, but I almost never drink it at home. I also enjoy green tea when I’m at my favorite Japanese restaurant. Otherwise, hot chocolate is the drink for me.