Shoutouts: Chilli Beef Nachos + More

Nachos Shoutouts

Each Friday we shoutout to 5 fantastic recreations of SORTEDfood recipes that you guys have sent in via #SORTEDfood to Twitter or Instagram. It makes us fuzzy and warm inside to see your fantastic cooking come together.

1. Pinwheel Cookies by @londonlover_dubaidreamer

We love this! Definitely time to adapt our logo, we think.

2. Cinnamon Rolls by @miss_luckystar

Hello, hello. Cinnamon rolls were one of our most requested recipes! It’s always fantastic to see this recipe made time and time again oh so beautifully.

Cinnamon Resize

3. Pinwheel Cookies by @tisfleur

We never get tired of these cookies. So simple, but so visually stunning.

4. Chicken Pot Pie by @meagvo

Look at the rise on that pastry. Delectable. We can imagine just how good it all smells on the inside too.

Chicken Resize

5. Chilli Nachos by @fabulousfattie

This snap catches what it means to be a bowl of nachos. Fiery chilli, oozing cheese, sour cream and a colourful garnish. Spot on.

Nachos Resized

Have a great weekend. Try out wild things and cook the recipes of your dreams. We’re always here at #SORTEDfood to join in with your victories.