Shoutouts: Garlic Doughknots + More!

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This week’s collage is uber colourful and there has been an enormous variety of SORTEDfood recipes made by you lovely lot from our community. While we love smoothie bowls, it is nice to see the cooking getting a little more on the unhealthy side. High five!

It seems lots of people are hosting their own pizza parties just like Mike because Garlic Doughknots have been a real winner this week.

Other Featured Recipes Include: Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Cake Pops, Toblerone Cheesecake, Ratatouille, Lemon Meringue Pie, Chicken Pad Thai, Pull Apart Pizza Bread, Chocolate Tart, Foccacia and Roasted Banana Bread.

shoutouts 22nd Jan

Thanks to the following people on Twitter and Instagram who sent us their photos with #sortedfood. It was hard choosing the best this week so congratulations.

woollypear, nielsrohrweber, aimsybob, oh_andyyy, polkadotturtles

chiacathy, thatoddgirlmaddy, fariz.yusoff, mer20m,

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