Shoutouts: Croquembouche + More

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A new year means resolutions! What’s yours? Ours of course is to COOK MORE (if that’s even possible…) So here are the first Shoutouts of 2016. Great to see so many delicious and beautiful dishes out there… just look at that Croquembouche!

We love food. We love making it, eating it, photographing it, looking at it, dreaming about it…. so keep ’em coming! Tag your own dishes via #sortedfood on Twitter or Instagram.

Contributors: caffeinated_scribbler, kasiarobizdjecia, superbia_desire, balierina, doeschef, jthmoasanderson

Featured Recipes Top Row

Hazelnut Croquembouche by Sorted

Citrus Baked Salmon by Sorted

Chocolate Tart by Sorted

Featured Recipes Bottom Row

Pork Ramen Bowl by Sorted

Swedish Chocolate Brownie by Sorted

Spaghetti Bolognese by Sorted