Shoutouts: Carbonara Ravioli + More!

Ravioli Carbonara Shoutou

We’re glad that you too wanted to stick your face in the most amazing homemade pork, pancetta, ricotta and egg yolk ravioli package. We had great fun making it, testing it and gobbling it all up so it was a real win for us when we saw it recreated on Instagram. Don’t forget to get the recipe!

With it being the Superbowl, we’re not surprised that Chilli Nachos and Buffalo Chicken Wings were featured. What else? Well have a look below. You guys rock. Thank you so much for tagging in #sortedfood and letting us see the insides of your kitchen.

Featured Recipes: Chili Beef Nachos, Honeycomb Cannelloni, Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings, Chocolate Brioche Flower, Stop Motion Cookies, Carrot Cake, Crunchy Honeycomb With Chocolate

FRIDAY 12th Collage

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