10 weeks travelled. Dozens of towns and cities visited. Hundreds of meals eaten. Thousands of recommendations from you. Millions of people affected.

I think it’s fair to say, as I sit here at the airport waiting for my flight back to London, that #LostandHungry in the U.S. has left us in complete shock and awe.

When we announced the tour back in April, we had absolutely no idea what to expect. “We can’t go anywhere or eat anything unless you tell us to” was what I said in that announcement video, with a slight hint of trepidation in my voice, not knowing if we were going to spend the next few weeks and months starving in the middle of nowhere!


BUT we have been completely overwhelmed by number of recommendations you have given us, the quality of food we’ve sampled, and the positive reaction we’ve received by everyone we’ve met whilst in the U.S.

With your help, we’ve managed to traverse the United States of America from the West Coast to the East Coast, with a lot of places in between. Just by himself, Ben has covered over 15,000 miles in the last 10 weeks… and that doesn’t even include the transatlantic flights to and from London!!

It’s been amazing for us to see the transition that Lost and Hungry has gone through as the tour has built up momentum… We began by eating in restaurants and food trucks, before being asked to visit farms and food producers, we then started being invited into people’s homes and experiencing the food they cook/eat on a daily basis, and ended up being the centre of a press campaign run by the Virginia tourism board focused on getting SORTED to come to the state of Virginia… How crazy is that?!


Each and every step of the way, you have shaped this tour. We mentioned very early on that there was no one for us to impress, no sponsors or partners that were looking to get something out of the tour – this has been purely for your benefit. So when you told us you wanted to see more of the day-to-day happenings, we responded with more vlogs. When you mentioned there was too much eating and not enough cooking, Ben set to work turning all that food inspiration into incredible recipes which will be coming your way in the next few weeks.

I think what I’m trying to say is that none of this tour would have been possible without you. So from the bottom of our hearts (and very full stomachs), THANK YOU!

So what’s next?

Well, firstly we need to round off the U.S…. We have so much footage saved up, there’ll be a load of videos coming your way over the next few weeks including all the recipes I mentioned before.

Next up, as you know, Lost and Hungry is a world tour, so we intend to set our sights on another country or region and head there to explore food as recommended by you!


But, first of all we need to head home for some well deserved rest! We plan to look back through all your feedback to make sure that when Lost and Hungry returns later in the year, it’s stronger and more powerful than ever before. Off the back of the tour we’ve found a couple of really exciting projects in the UK, which will keep us busy for most of the summer, and also give us a chance to film a load more recipe videos and ‘Big Night In’ episodes to make sure the YouTube channel stays looking fresh!!

If you’ve got any feedback for us about Lost and Hungry, please comment down below and let us know – how can we make this better next time around? Which bits didn’t you like? What else would you like to see us do?

Once again, thank you so so much for everything you’ve done to make Lost and Hungry what it was – together we have achieved something truly amazing!!

  • Waverider

    Thank you for coming and sharing the tour with us. I really enjoyed it. Next time stop by my home state of Hawaii.

    Here’s an early suggestion. I recommend #LOSTANDHUNGRY tour Asia. Lots of great variety of foods. And lots of great exotic locations lit Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines islands. Just stop by Hawaii on the way there. :-)

    • Kathleen Fernandez

      Asia would be great! But it is quite huge so it’ll probably be a good idea to split it up according to regions i.e Southeast Asia (Combadia, Indonesia Malaysia etc), South Asia (India, Maldives, Nepal etc) and more. Otherwise you guys would have to be lost and hungry for a very long time!

    • Kathleen Fernandez

      Asia would be great! But it would probably be a good idea to split the tour in Aisa to a few parts like Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, etc), South Asia (India, Nepal, Maldives, etc) and other parts. Otherwise you guys would be lost and hungry for a very very long time!

    • Angie M

      Let’s not forget Korea! Specifically Seoul street food; really want to learn what all my friends are experiencing on their travels!

      • fbontheweb

        And if you are in Korea you could meet up with Simon and Martina from Eatyourkimchi Youtube channel. Thats a collab i would looooove to see =)

        • Minhyukkie

          I want Martina to take them to that spicy beef ribs restaurant and see how they deal with the heat!

    • Mallika Karunan

      Definitely #LostAndHungry Asia! I also have to agree with Kathleen and say that you should do it by region, because Asia is freaking huge. When it comes to Southeast Asia, I recommend coming here during off-peak/tourist season (November), as it can be extremely economical getting everywhere and the weather is much more pleasant around this time. Plus, if you do manage to come here, I will uphold my promise of being your friendly, multilingual tour guide!

      • blurredlights

        If you guys find yourselves in the Philippines, I think there would be a lot of us willing to take you around the metro. :)

  • Spencer Morran

    Come visit your friendly neighbourhood Canadian Sorted Community :)

  • Ana Arantes

    Next stop: Brazil!!! Please, please, pleeeeeeease??!!!?? :)

  • Alaina Harvey

    I’ve loved following your journey, especially since you added extra vlogs seeing as most the time I follow you here on the website or on youtube! I’d love to see you do a similar tour of Europe, there’s so many different cultures & traditions in such a relatively small area!

    • Emma

      Please come to Canada! 😀

  • Aishwarya

    It was so fun to keep up with your Lost and hungry adventures so far! Thank YOU x Hope you guys are having a great and well deserved R&R now :) Oh and.. Lost and Hungry Down Under! It’s got a nice ring to it aye? Just saying 😉

    • Emily Conway

      I think a Lost and Hungry tour down under makes the most sense! 😉 I mean what even is “Australian food”?! Unravel that mystery. So much good produce to cook with and eat. Enjoy your well deserved break! :)

      • Aishwarya

        Yes !! :) Also New Zealand, all about native cooking – its historical legacy coupled with contemporary food culture, makes for a great experience. The scenery isn’t too bad either :) Perhaps the ever so endless debate of the Pavlova could finally be solved ? 😛

  • Francesca M

    Still think y’all missed out on only going to Austin in Texas… We are a very very big state after all. But I am glad you got those experiences. Safe flight back.

  • Joseph Del Corpo

    You guys need to come to Canada. People don’t really think of many iconic Canadian foods but we’ve got a few, like poutine and Beaver Tails. The thing that sets us apart is our insane multiculturalism. In Montreal, you can find Italian, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, Lebanese, etc… as well as typical Montreal foods in a 5 km radius, especially downtown at the Old Port. Hope to see you guys in Canada some time soon and I’d love to be a part of a Montreal scavenger hunt.

  • Hannah Wiley

    You guys should tour mainland Europe next! Go to places you have not been to before :) For example, I’ve never heard you talk of Swedish food before… hint hint!

    • Elin Johansson

      I agree that they should do a Europe tour as well, but I don’t know if I’d consider Sweden part of mainland Europe. Sure, in a sense it is, we’re not on an island, but we are part of a peninsula. But anyways, yes, come to Sweden! :)

  • fbontheweb

    I would like you to do the big European Round next. Hope to meet you somewhere in the Rhein-Main Area where i live. Frankfurt, Mainz or Wiesbaden are cities you could check out.

  • Connor George

    I think it would be really cool if you guys visited a load of Michelin rated places and then gave us you take on that type of food and recipes you develop from that

  • Elin Johansson

    Well, given that it’s a world tour you really should visit all of the countries that are safe to visit. Or at least all of the continents…(exactly what does one eat in Antarctica?) When it comes to what to do next time around, I’d like to know a little more about how you chose which recommendations to follow and a lot more of the “here’s a menu, what should we eat” type of desicion for the community to make. Maybe it’s because of the time difference, but I didn’t feel super-involved. I’d also like you to focus more on the challenges, it felt like they kind of disappeared along the tour. The restaurant one was brilliant, and I would have wanted to see more like that. (Also, dare I say I was a bit disappointed the were no failed challenges and punishments 😉 …)

    When it comes to the blog, I love that you’ve written soo much, it has been really fun to follow, but also a bit confusing. I’ve been trying to keep up with new blog posts as they’re published and sometimes when I’m convinced I’ve read them all, all of a sudden I find one or two in the middle I haven’t read. Is that because they’re sorted by when they took place and not when they were written? Or maybe it’s just me missing them, it’s just happen a bunch of times, so I thought maybe it’s not just me. (It’s probably me..)

    Anyways, thanks for a great tour so far. I can’t wait to see where you go next. Of course I’d want you to come to Sweden (and there’s more to us then Stockholm, go out on the country side, I’ll volunteer as guide if you need me) and I know “everybody” is saying you should go to Asia (I agree), but for your next stop I’m thinking: Wouldn’t it be great to explore African cuisine?

  • Ayesha Munawar

    Come to Canada! :)

  • Genavive Sarkis

    I’m going to vote for Europe or Mexico.

    Keep up the good work folks – I’ve been loving it so far. I especially liked the vlogs. It was also really nice to see you guys meeting members of the community in the various places. Putting faces to usernames and all that.

  • Robin McCall

    This tour was so awesome! I’ve been to many of the cities you visited (and live in one of them!), but even so, I learned so much about each place you visited from your vlogs and posts. I can’t wait to see where the next tour takes you, and get to enjoy vicariously experiencing other amazing places and people and food all over the world. Thanks, guys!

  • Stephanie Garland

    What about Lost and Hungry comes Down Under. We specialised in sweet treats, meats pies and lets not forget the great Australia BBQ. We have so much great produce and lots of interesting and special indigenous food that is so important in understanding our heritage

  • Nguyen Lan

    thank you for sharing your tour with us ,I suggest the next tour will be #LOSTANDHUNGGRY in Asia and you guy should visit Southeast Asia too ..There are tons of new things and of course FOOD is spectacular here .Hope you guy give it a try .safe light back home

  • Ashley GB

    First off, thank you so much for keeping us all up to date during your travels around the US! From the vlogs to the pics, it’s been wonderful to see how the tour was going, and hope you enjoyed yourselves! :)

    Secondly, I agree with many of the people who have already commented that #LOSTANDHUNGRY should definitely visit Asia at some point. Based on my travel experiences, I just think there would be so many culinary opportunities for you all to explore while visiting the region, in addition to all the little touristy things to check out. I think it would be cool to do a tour between South Korea (Seoul), China (Hong Kong), Singapore, Indonesia (Bali), and Japan (Tokyo).

    Finally though, I would love it if #LOSTANDHUNGRY crossed the pond again and visit Canada for a few days, particularly Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver! In Montreal alone we have so much to offer, from the year-round farmers markets to the diversity of cuisine, both traditional and fusion, to the unique Canadian specialties (Including the famous poutine and beaver-tails). If and when you guys come to Montreal, let me know and I’d be happy to show you around the city and cook you guys a meal (Though I’d recommend coming in the summer/ fall: the winters here are absolutely brutal… unless you want to visit the ‘Cabane a sucre’ (Maple sugar shacks)).

    Anyways, until the next phase of the tour, take care and enjoy the rest back home: you all deserve it. Cheers!

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  • Oskar Carlsson

    Come to sweden gothenburg and ill personally Will show you all The hiden gems only chefs knows about in Gothenburg