The next big destination that you’ve told us to go to on our Lost and Hungry tour is… San Francisco!

We have a lot of kit to take with us so we think it’s going to be easier to drive… which is where we need your help.

If we were to drive directly to San Francisco it would take roughly 8 hours, but where’s the fun in that??

We’ve given ourselves 3 days to get there and basically where we go, where we stay, what we do and what we eat are completely up to you.

We will be completely 100% #LostandHungry!

So please help us to answer these questions and make our journey to San Fran the best it could possibly be:

  • Which route do we take to get from L.A. to S.F.?
  • Where should we stay on route from L.A. to S.F.?
  • What shall we do on the way? What activities are a ‘must do’?
  • And of course, what do we eat on the way up so S.F.?

We have no plans from Thursday to Saturday… So we are completely in your hands… You can make this incredible!

  • Avery

    No trip to san francisco is complete without going to Alcatraz. I mean it’s super touristy but it’s alot of fun!

    • Olivia Wahl

      Yes, Alcatrez!!!!

  • Sindy

    Santa Cruz is a must! There’s a variety to eat from Thai food to sushi to Italian to Mexican! if you want fish and chips you can enjoy them sitting on a bench looking out at the ocean on the warf ….dessert! Penny’s ice creamery is to die for! You won’t regret it! Plus it’ll be awesome to see you guys in my home town! Please comeeeeeeeeee! Oh and tell us what day you’ll be here so we don’t miss it! Ok thanks! Bye! See you soon *fingers crossed*

  • VtheCurious

    Three daya that’s a great plan. I unfortunately only know the route via highway 1. It is pretty awesome to take because of so wonderful views. But I’ve heard it is also beautiful inside the country. Still here some things for you to do:
    1) Stop in Morrow bay and have lunch or dinner at the Harbor Hut (
    2) Make your way over the route 1 and big sur (just fill up on gas in San Simeon or so)
    3) Stay in the Normandy Inn in Carmel on the sea it is charming (
    4) go over the golden gate bridge to Sausalito and have breakfast at the Sausalito Bakery & Cafe. They are charming and there are hardly any tourists.
    5) In SF check out Boudin Bakery near Fisherman’s wharf.
    6) In SF a possible hotel can be the Raddisson @ Fisherman’s wharf. Its nice not really expensive and when you walk out of the backdoor you’ll be directly at the wharf.
    7) though i know they have restaurants all over the us, I’m mentioning it here cause SF was where we went. Go to one of Ruth & Chris Steakhouse. The steaks are amazing, though it’s more on the prizy side when it comes to restaurants.

    so while 6&7 are suggedtions I’d say 1to 5 are must dos so you don’ t get too #LostandHungry
    But most important HAVE FUN AND ENJOY!!

  • Stephanie

    I used to live in the Bay Area and the one thing that I still crave is a Kara’s Karrot cupcake from Kara’s Cupcakes. It is a must have for anyone visiting the area IMO!

  • Spenser Clark

    If you’re not doing it in one day you may as well take the scenic route. Take the 1 hwy. Stop at Malibu Seafood on the way out of LA. Moro Bay, Paso Robles, Monterey are nice places to stop. Eat at Pea Soup Andersen’s if you want to feel like super tourists.

  • Molly

    I second the trip to Santa Cruz! Go to Marini’s on the wharf and get some fresh salt water taffy!! Also definitely take the pacific coast highway up for some unbelievable scenery! If you have time you should see the amazing and huge aquarium in Monterey!

  • Jackie Poon

    You should go to the Golden Gate Bridge, California Academy of Science Museum, and Pier 39 for activities

    Eating: clam chowder with sourdough bread and dim sum

  • Alec Weyrauch

    If you stop in the Monterey area, theres a few decent places to eat. Ambrosia Indian Bistro (Monterey) if you’re up for Indian, Crystal Fish (also Monterey) if you’re feeling up for Japanese food/sushi, Petra (Pacific Grove, pretty much right next to Monterey) is an excellent Greek restaurant, or Restaurant 1833 (Monterey) if you decide you’d rather go for some finer American dining.

  • Caitlin S

    You MUST take Highway 101 “The Coast Road” all the way up to SF. North of Santa Barbara sneak inland for a little bit to drive through wine country along Highway 154 – it takes you through the rolling oak hills and you can stop in the wine town of Los Olivos. There is an awesome little sandwich shop there called Panino (and there is plenty of wine tasting). Just north of Los Olivos, the 154 merges with Highway 101 again and it’s back to the coast! Continue north to Morro Bay – stop at Taco Temple, a restaurant created by a bunch of surfers that put their own spin on super fresh fish and California style Mexican Food – Don’t forget to get gas in Morro Bay! The drive further north is really amazing, especially when you see the huge elephant seals just off the road in San Simeon Just a bit further north you reach Big Sur and the views are spectacular along the winding coast road high on the cliffs (photo attached). Big Sur is definitely of the most beautiful places in the US. Check out Nepenthe Restaurant for lunch in Big Sur and get the Ambrosia Burger with fries. It’s wonderful! Nepenthe has been the stop for classic movie stars and famous authors alike, it is a family owned restaurant that has been open since 1949. It is historic and the view really spectacular (see photo) Oh, and always keep an eye out for endangered California Condors if you take the Big Sur Highway 101 route. Bonus: It’s still Gray Whale season! If you take the coast road there is a good chance you will see Gray Whales migrating north from Baja California, Mex. to the Arctic. They are easy to identify by their heart shaped blows <3

  • Ashley Sawyer

    Take Highway 1, it follows the coast all the way up and you’ll drive through Big Sur which is GORGEOUS. Definitely stop in Carmel (cute tiny little town right on the beach), and in SF go to Taqueria La Cubre for the best burritos, and Humpry Slocombe Ice Cream for creative and original flavors. And brunch at Stacks!

  • Anh Mai

    My best friends and I did a road trip along the coast of California last month! It was so much fun! If you don’t mind the long drive and the super windy road along the cliffs, then I highly recommend the scenic California Highway 1. Plus, that would take you right through Big Sur where you can do a bit of hiking (maybe even camping/lodging)!

    If you decide to stop at Big Sur, check out Pfeiffer Beach ( Sometimes, parts of the sand are purple and there’s giant rock formations that you can scale! There’s plenty of great hiking trails in the area as well. Just about an hour and a half north from Big Sur is Monterey Bay where you’ll find lots of seafood restaurants. We grabbed a quick breakfast at the Paris Bakery Cafe there and it was wonderful! Great coffee and pastries at low prices. Their fresh quiches were yummy as well! At Monterey, stop by Cannary Row. It’s a little touristy because the aquarium is there but the streets are lined with fun little shops and even more quick eats and restaurants!

  • Mairan Smith

    If you head down the coast and stop in the tiny town of GUALALA, CA check out the Blue Canoe Cafe for awesome Chai and IN FREESTONE, CA visit Wildflour Bread for their cinnamon rolls (They are the best and as big as your head!!) in SANTA CRUZ, CA visit Iveta Cafe (for the best scones) or Saturn Cafe (for the chocolate madness and their shakes, tomato soup and sweet potato fries) Penny Ice Creamery also has awesome ice cream and in SAN FRANCISCO, CA visit Good Luck Dim Sum on Clement St for great dim sum, also Peasant Pies is great food, also The Citrus Club on Haight St has really yummy noodles. There are also really great food trucks in San Francisco! I highly reccomend Senor Sisig for burritos and The Chairman for their pork belly-daikon steamed buns. check out for where they will be!!

  • Mairan Smith

    In Santa Cruz, besides the boardwalk the funny and silly and SUPER touristy thing to do would go to the MYSTERY SPOT! :) It is a gravitational anomaly and a fun 45 min tour. But buy tickets ahead of time online or over the phone, it sells out fast. More low key local things to do include walk around Pogonip, Henry Cowell, or Wilder Ranch.

  • Sasha Paimanta

    Visit Berkeley sometime this weekend please!! There’s this really good Japanese restaurant here in Berkeley called Kiraku, you guys should totally check it out! Oh! In SF, try Mr Holmes Bakehouse for their famous cruffin!! It’ll blow your mind :) And please tell us where you’re going so we can meet you guys! So excited to see you soooonnn!

  • Jenny Lee Truong

    When you get to SF, you should stop by Japantown! Even if you’ve already eaten a meal somewhere else in SF (like Boudin’s), you can get adorable crepes with ice cream scoops (decorated to look like cute animals) at a place called Belly Crepes. And while you’re there, you can check out a Japanese dollar store called Daiso (okay, it’s not really food related, but I know Daiso hasn’t gotten to England yet so this might be your only chance XD)

  • Brittany Pagel

    You should come to Sacramento. Not only do we have great food, we also have the Capital and fans who would LOVE to meet you!

    • Avery

      omg thank you! i thought i was the only person in sac that was a fan!!

  • Avery

    What’s this beauty?! oh yea it’s the capital of California and the City of Trees (aka Sacramento). You should visit……….

  • Liyin Liang

    I highly recommend the Ferry Building when you get to SF. There are food stalls inside and on certain days there will be a farmers market outside. There is a food truck that sells porchetta sandwiches that are TO DIE FOR, devine rotissery chckens, and unbelievable roasted potatos that sit under all the rotisseries and soak up all the fat. I think they are there on Thursdays and Saturday

    Also, if you go inside the ferry building marketplace you will find Cowgirl creamery, their cheeses are so awesome. Plus they sell grilled cheese sandwihces made from your choice of thier cheese nextdoor at their cafe called Cowgirl sidekick. And Boccalone Salumeria who makes and sells the most devine salumi. If you are looking for a pick me up, there is also a Blue Bottle coffee there that will satisfy any discriminating coffee fiend. And so many more.

  • Costa Spyrou

    If you come to Sacramento and/or Davis, even though its north of SF, I will love you guys forever 😀 And there is a lot of great food up here too! Roxie’s Deli, Burgers and Brew, Sudwerk’s, and more! Plus, UC Davis has a campus committed to food and beer and wine and everything that I know Ben would absolutely love to see/attend one day 😉

    If you can’t make it up north this time around, stop off in Monterey and check out the aquarium, it’s amazing!! (There’s some good food nearby too, and you’re right next to the shore so expect some righteous seafood in the city!)

    I’d also make a pit stop in San Jose, just an hour south of SF. Santana Row is upscale, fancy, and has quite a few good restaurants in it. There’s also Falafel Drive-In in that area, which has THE BEST FALAFEL in the Bay Area. Seriously, try it.

  • Diana Le

    Come to Bakersfield on May 1st. Stay at the Marriott at the Convention Center. Eat either In-N-Out, Eureka, or Tacos Mi Casa in Bakersfield. Hang out around all of Eye Street. Try eating some dim sum at SF

  • Anna Hibbert

    Take Hwy 1 as much as you can. You will get the best views. There are some beaches along the way that you can camp at if you want. Have you tried Denny’s yet? They are everywhere, and open 24/7. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. Just because. :) In SF, go to Golden Boy pizza on Green St. They are a great late night snack! If you want some dessert, try Miette Bakery at the Ferry Building for me. I want to try their lemon cake, but haven’t had the chance. I think you should take the time to do some hiking in Yosemite National Park. That it is beautiful is an understatement. On your way up the hill to Yosemite, or coming back down, you should stop at Happy Burger Diner in Mariposa. They have pretty much everything. It’s a fun time. Drive safe! California drivers are insane sometimes. And if you hit traffic, may I suggest gridlock karaoke? Roll the windows down, and belt it!

  • Robin Newquist

    To get from Los angeles to San franscisco, the 101 freeway will take you the entire way there. (You could also take the 5, and be bored). About two hours out of los angeles you’ll end up in santa barbara. Wonderful city on the beach, Great seafood. Want to see the beach and a giraffe in the same hour? The santa barbara zoo is very nice, and right next to the ocean. Now, when you get there, you’ll see a turn off for the 154 highway into the mountains. Take this route, and in about 30 minutes you’ll see a sign for Cold spring tavern. It is an old stagecoach shop that got converted into a restaurant. And one of the only places I know where you can get a venison steak sandwich. Afterwards, keep going on the 154 north, down the other side of the mountain, and you’ll find Solvang. It is a town that was founded by danish immigrants, and the architecture will make you feel like you stepped into denmark. They have a lot of lovely bed and breakfasts there. And pretty much blink and theres a bakery. The best in town is the Danish mill bakery, they have a bakery counter that runs the length of thier restaurant. The eclairs, pastries, and particularly the french waffles will blow your minds. Viking garden is a great spot for sausages and smoked meats. A smidge down the street at h and p vinhus there is local wine, cheese, and snacks. On the way out of town, take the 246 west, it will get you guys back to the 101 freeway. But before you do, stop at Pea Soup Andersons in buelton. The best split pea soup with ham you’ve ever had, and the hotel there is very nice. An hour north will take you to san luis obispo. College town, lots of really eclectic shops. Lovely place to wander around for an afternoon. If you want bbq hit up mcklintocs, feeling more local fresh organic, try big sky cafe. The apple farm is an amazing hotel and restaurant with old world charm. A half an hour west on the 1 highway from san luis obispo will take you to the picturesque seaside town of Morro bay. Its got a gigantic rock at the beach called the Morro rock, and once you get to the water you’ll start hearing sea lions. A lot of them. The la serena inn is a nice place to stay, and once you’re there you can walk to everything. The beach is lovely for a walk, but the water is very cold. There are seals, sea lions, and a family of otters that hang out there, and loads of sea birds. Krills 2 has the most amazing cinnamon rolls, and if you go to dockside restaurant, Dockside fish market, or the seperate dockside oyster bar in a boat shaped restaurant, you wont be disappointed.. Grilled oysters, anazing seafood. 45 minutes north on the 1 will take you to Cambria. Little town, amazing antique shops, and Linns restaurant. They have amazing pot pies, my favorite burger ever, and the most amazing dessert, the ollaliberry pie. Just north of them is Hearst castle, take a tour of the place, its huge. Afterwards, go a smidge back south, and take highway 46 to paso robles to get back to the 101. Paso robles has dozens of vineyards, and Firestone brewery. Past paso robles, there isnt much for a while, but theres a famous garlic shop in Gilroy. From there, just keep driving to san franscisco.

    • Spirit22

      I’m glad you mentioned Solvang. I have only been there once and didn’t know what to recommend..

  • Stephanie

    Take Highway 1 as much as possible, it is spectacular. A great place to stop is Nepenthe in Big Sur ( ) for lunch… the food is great, the view is unbelievable. Also Santa Cruz is a must-visit… Saturn Cafe is quirky but tasty, Jalapenos Taqueria has _serious_ burritos, and Mobo Sushi is, as their website says, “mind altering” :)

  • Lesley Lighthiser

    Take Highway 1 as much as you can for sure! Stop in Big Sur for the sights, and if you can stay in Monterey/Pacific Grove do it! Ocean towns with beautiful beaches and lots of foodies in Carmel. In Pacific Grove Stop in at The Ice Cream Shoppe. It’s run by an old hippy who plays rock records and sells great ice cream. For fancy and delicious food go across the street to Passionfish :)

  • Kendra Lee Fitzpatrick

    My friend in German class says “Go to the Chubby Noodle” it’s on Lombard street and serves asian fusion food. On the way I’d say definitely stop in at Santa Cruz and go to Shopper’s Corner to pick up some amazing local food!

  • Victoria Smith

    Stop in Palo Alto! There’s endless amounts of food in the area. Lots of nice restaurants on university avenue. Stop for some delicious bubble tea (boba) at this new place called teaspoon or get some coffee at Philz coffee. I recommend the mint monitor. You guys should also stop off and visit the Stanford campus. It’s absolutely stunning!

  • Monatrice

    If you get a chance, you can stop by Hearst Castle and get a tour of the beautiful site at night or during the day! Also highly recommend driving along the coast and seeing Big Sur! The restaurants near there has great views!

  • Olivia Wahl

    Hate me for this, but DO NOT eat clam chowder in San Francisco. Please PLEASE eat dim sum there, and travel around chinatown, the biggest out of Asia! But please leave the clam chowder up to the New Englanders.

  • Olivia Wahl

    Dim Sum isn’t the same anywhere else

  • vicki

    come to big sur, views you cant compare and such beauty! may places to eat local seafood. it is well work the effort.

  • Ana

    LA to SF is only 6 hours, not 8. Anyway, In-n-Out for the drive up is obviously excellent! Anyhow, visit Santa Barbara and Big Sur and ditch Santa Cruz. Popular places to eat in SF are Ike’s sandwiches, Bi-Rite Ice Cream, Slanted Door for some excellent Asian fusion, and for brunch theres Zazie’s in Cole Valley, Sweet Maple in Lower Pacific Heights, Kitchen Story in the Castro, The Corner Store in the Inner Richmond/Laurel Heights, and so much more. San Francisco knows good brunch, probably the best, so you guys will have to go try out some places. Wherever you go on a weekend there will be a long wait, but its worth it! If nobody is waiting, theres a reason – its no good. The Wharf is a tourist trap and not fun. Wander around in the Marina at Bay St as well as Chestnut for more good food, shopping, and a beautiful view. Palace of Fine Arts is amazing too – it’s absolutely beautiful! Check out Hayes Valley in the afternoon too. The outdoor bar, Biergarten, is a good hangout spot with friends and the food in the area is also great! If you guys are looking to chill out in the afternoon and its a sunny day, hit up Dolores Park! Hundreds of people show up every weekend and bring drinks and friends. It’s SF’s version of a day at the beach, since ours is too cold and windy. (The park is near Bi-Rite and Ike’s btw). You’ll be getting a more legit SF experience by doing some of these things. Last suggestion, go to Marin Headlands if you want a beautiful view of the city and bridge…pretty breathtaking. I advise you guys go before 3:30 because thats when the fog tends to roll in and cover up the view. Hope it all helps!

  • ShoMeSho

    go to the santa cruz boardwalk for some fair food like funnel cakes, fried oreos, and chili fries! you should go on the merry go round too! its one of the last running merry go rounds with a ring system to it! sit on the horses near the outside, reach for rings from a contraption, and try to throw then in a clown’s mouth, all while on a horse’s back! then you should stop by marianne’s ice cream for lavender ice cream! or anything with basil and sherbet is good!

  • Kayla

    Stop in Santa Barbara along the way up to SF!
    Los Agaves is heavenly.

  • Genevieve Jordan

    Okay – I really want you guys to have a good time in SF, ‘cos if done properly, the food here is truly tops.

    -Cafe Sophie is open only on weekends, but do killer sweet and savoury breakfasts.
    -The Mill. I’ve never paid so much for a humble slice of sourdough toast before, yet I find myself back there all the time. Sourdough in SF at its best.
    -Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Get in line before they open at 9am for their cruffins (croissants crossed with muffins), since they sell out of those beauties within half an hour most days.
    -Four Barrel for coffee. Forget about Blue Bottle. This is where coffee is at. The coffee even has an awesome aftertaste.

    -SOMA Streetfood park. Cannot mention this enough. It has bottomless mimosas (how could that be wrong?) and a food truck called Bacon Bacon, where everything they serve has bacon in it in some way or another. If you’re lucky, The Steamin’ Burger might be there – they are famous for the jalapeno stuffed steamed cheeseburger.
    – El Porteño Empanadas in the Ferry Building. Take the ones they have on special that day. They do an out of this world asparagus version.
    -Craftsman and Wolves is also worth checking out for their egg-in-a-muffin.
    – Mission cheese. Go for their cheese and meat platters, or even better, they have grilled cheese sandwiches with apple in them (they rock!).
    – Cowgirl Creamery has amazing cheese.

    – Ken Ken Ramen. Best Ramen we’ve found by far. Go ahead and order two eggs. It’s worth it.
    – Loló for the Taco Tropical.
    – Hogwash for sausage rolls / hot dogs that are taken to a whole other level. Also, they have the ONLY good beer we’ve found. American beer is terrible (sorry!).

    – Mission Pie. Especially the Shaker Lemon Pie.
    – Creme Brûlée. Some whiskey with your brûlée anyone?
    – Dandelion chocolate and Chocolatier Blue Parlor.

    Japantown and Chinatown are also really worth checking out. Hope there’s someone out there who could be more specific.

    Wow, that list got long (sorry!). We’ve found restaurants here to really not be worth it. They’re expensive and over-hyped with no substance most of the time. The places in this list are super specific, because they are what I believe to be your safest bets for a great food time! There’s obviously a hella lot more than this, but I’ve only been in the city for 6 months.

  • Marthew Wong

    You have to try the many amazing wineries along 101 freeway. Of course the famous ones are in Napa and Sonoma, but the vineyards in the central coast is also really worth trying. I have to recommend Scheid Winery. They have good wine at reasonable prices! They have one tasting room right off the 101 and one in Carmel. Gotta try it!!

  • night ankh

    I vote for the sourdough bread as it is made with a type of yeast local to only that area and it gives the bread it’s iconic flavor! It’s an American classic.

  • christina rocha

    Stop in Solvang!! It is an adorable town from Danish founders! Great food and bakeries! And the architecture is amazing!! Also sto in Carmel, Monterey, and Santa Cruz, on the way!

  • penryn

    I went to UC Santa Cruz, and while I don’t know what good food there is there (I was in college – no money for take out!), you have to go! It’s an iconic CA town, from the beaches to the mountains in 30 minutes.

    As for the route… Don’t take 5 – way too boring! 101 is a solid choice, but I’d go on Highway 1 for at least part of the trip. It is just so freaking beautiful. It’s all the way up the coast and, if I may say so, we have some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. :) Plus there are some great seafood restaurants off of it!

  • vanbluedragon

    Oh jeez I realize how late i am to jump on the bandwagon… T_T
    But if anyone is looking at this post for any ideas for future trips to LA may I recommend Vietnamese food!!!
    We have a huge Vietnamese community here in Westminster with tons of great Viet food, and not just Lee Sandwich, Banh Mi Che Cali so-so/cheap viet food by the way.
    If you want baguettes, look round LA for Mr Baguette, they make authentic french style meats and bread, pho is great as well (Pho Filet is my fave so far), other viet dishes can be found around Westminster like snails, noodle soups, and other great dishes! sorry i cant name any specific places/dishes cuz i cannot really translate them properly. Oh and check out the Little Saigon mall during the summer, they usually have food trucks around there. Its about 15-20 mins from Anaheim so a good idea for food if you’re staying around Disneyland