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  • Joe Cercy

    Did I miss the shake?

    • Genavive Sarkis

      Did you pay $20?

      • Joe Cercy


        • Genavive Sarkis

          Was just kidding – the price of the shake was $20. You only see Ben’s reaction because it involves boobs. If Ben attempted to put the actual shake on YouTube, I’m sure this woman would hunt him down and kill him. Not that he would try.

  • Ana Arantes

    I laughed my brain out at the “Chocolate Milk Shake” bit… I had already read the blog entry about this place so I kinda expected some shenanigans, but seeing the flush literally rising on Ben’s face… Oh, man! It can’t get better than that!

  • Jennifer Maddron

    LOL that expression. Priceless!

  • Elsa Louise

    Oh gosh, poor Ben!

  • Angel Law

    1. Squeaky chair
    2. His reaction to the vinegar hoosier
    3. His reaction to the chocolate milkshake
    Also, love the opening music~♡

  • CaitlinAmyLaura

    …How do Americans pronounce it?

    • Awkpearl

      hoo-zher Strong accent on first syllable. Ben makes is sound almost French. So cute! The pun in the title of the restaurant is that it sounds like “Who’s yur mama?” “yur” being a sloppy way to pronounce “your”. A Hoosier is a nickname for a person from the state of Indiana. “Hoo-see-air” is just so darn adorable. I am not trying to be condescending; we LOVE British accents!!

  • Gabriella Alvarez

    COME TO MIAMI FLORIDA!!! The music, art, dance, landscape, people, culture, and most importantly food are all amazing.

  • Ashley So

    Oh my. This video was everything I hoped it would be and better. I am so sorry you had to go through the less-than-stellar service at that place, but it was for the good of the Sorted Food community – now we know not to order the chocolate shake (or I guess to order it, depending on who you’re with).

  • Alice Spaulding

    Hooray, you tried my personal favorite deep dish pizza!

  • Carolyn S.

    Wait a minute, BEN! You should have given her YOUR milk shake Damn right, it’s better than HERS!