Peanut Butter: Our Most Versatile Ingredient?

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly time…


Peanut butter is the bomb. Whether you’re up for a crunchy or smooth kinda vibe, it’s not only a great treat on it’s own but also an amazingly versatile ingredient. Sweet or savoury there’s a surprising amount of dishes that owe their yumminess to peanut butter. Also, fun fact: peanut butter was brought to you by the same people who first kept alpacas, so it’s fair to say they peaked.

A little twist!

Ok, we’re gonna start off with a bit of a curve ball. Blending peanut butter into Broccoli Soup might sound a bit weird but try it for yourself! Just think about all that delicious soup but then add in the thick, nutty creaminess of peanut butter and you’ve added a whole new dimension to the dish. Don’t knock it.

Food Is Always More Fun on a Stick

Probably the most well known peanut butter dish is a cheeky Chicken Satay. This particular dish seems to come under the bracket of things you would love to order in a restaurant, but not what you would necessarily think to make at home. This shouldn’t be the case! Peanut butter is such a great ingredient to work with. It’s something almost everyone already has hanging out in the cupboard. Popping a spoonful in with your marinade will totally transform your dish, giving it a sweet yet savoury sticky dimension that you didn’t know you were missing until now. Take a look at the recipe and give it a go!


It’s Not Just for Humans

Now that we’ve discovered something so beautiful and delicious. It is only polite to share the love with man’s best friend! Turns out dogs are just as obsessed with peanut butter as we are. We experimented with some Doggy Peanut Butter Biscuits and they went down a storm! Technically there’s nothing in the recipe that means you can’t eat these yourself, but for now, the official recommendation is that these are best left for your pooch.


It’s Healthy. No, Seriously

Peanut Butter can actually be part of your health plan. With the waves of health and fitness taking over our instagram feeds it’s nice to know our good friend peanut butter is once again by our side and willing to help us through these difficult times.  Get him involved in your porridge or protein pancakes, then you’ve got a delicious breakfast that you can post with hashtags like #healthfoods and  #brunchgoals, if that’s what you’re into.  

Smooth Operator

With all the hype around smoothies right now it’s really important that we can find way to make smoothies super healthy but also delicious. You’ve got your obvious smoothie ingredients: your oats,  greens, milk, bananas etc. But next time you’re hanging out with your blender, add a dollop of peanut butter to the  mix. 


Life’s Important Questions Answered

Now it’s time the settle the old age question, crunchy or smooth? This question can only really be answered if we are clear on what you are making. If you’re putting it on toast, obviously crunchy. If you’re using it in cooking or desserts, obviously crunchy. Wait, i’m struggling to find a argument for smooth here. If you disagree, feel free to let me know but as it stands, crunchy rules the world.

But, to be clear, the best way to eat Peanut Butter is on a spoon and straight in your mouth.  

If you’ve got more ways to enjoy peanut butter, please let us know! Head over to Twitter and Facebook and share your tips!

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