Behind The Scenes Of Fridgecam! (Caramel Oaty Bars)

As great as those answers were, you lot sent in SO MANY questions. We’re going to carry on answering them below because we just can’t get enough of you guys…

1. Cynthiaaagghh Asked: Have you ever messed up shooting so bad that you guys actually needed to start over?

Answer: 100% yes. Occasionally we end up baking the recipe loads of times. Like this time around. We forgot to take a picture of the finished Oaty Bars before we ate them. Oops.

2. Avalonsjewel Asked: Who came up with the idea for Fridgecam?

Answer: Fridgecam was invented by Mr. Michael Huttlestone… we think.

3. itin3180 Asked: Do you still think it’s weird to talk to us in front of the fridge?

Answer: No way! There’s no point thinking about stuff feeling weird, just roll with it! If it all goes wrong it just means we’ll have great bloopers…

4. TarahField Asked: Has anyone ever tried to put their lunch in the Fridgecam fridge, mistaking it for a functioning one?

Answer: I tried to do that on my second day. There are 3 identical red fridges in the studio, it’s so confusing! (From Abbie)

5. fooaily Asked: How do you pick comment of the week from so many comments that viewers leave in the comment section.

Answer: We scroll and lol and scroll and lol till we find the one that makes us laugh the most!

6. alpacapaldi Asked: How many bloopers don’t make the cut for blooper vids bc of their probably insanely inappropriate nature?

Answer: A solid 20 years worth, approximately.

7. seantheblusheep Asked: Why did you choose the fridge?

Answer: It was a really hot day.

Check out this week’s full Fridgecam here and the Chocolate Oaty Wedges recipe here!