• Huyen Ta

    It is hot in Texas. I spent four summers working at a summer day camp outside of Houston and it was always hot. I went from an air conditioned house, to an air conditioned car then to an air conditioned camp room. There was always a haze of heat when we were driving on the road. I made the mistake of volunteering to man the grill one summer for our end of the summer bbq. It was so hot that I stood in a bucket of cold water as I tended to the food on the grill. One of the perks of returning each summer, besides being able to work with kids, is that the place I stayed at was right across the road from a bar and bbq. This guy turned his backyard into a little bbq joint and his back deck into a little bar. There was always the smell of smoke and slow roasted meats in the air.
    All the bbq looks amazing! At the end of the day nothing beats a well prepare piece or platter of meat and a cold beer.

  • Esther

    Admit it lads, this is the reason why you picked this particular b&b 😉

  • Esther

    Admit it lads, this is the reason why you picked this particular air b&b 😉

  • Jenny Hershour

    I went to Iron Works when I was in Austin. The sausage was amazing.

  • Ben

    This post makes me sooooooo happy! I’m a native Texan living in Virginia and I miss the food back home so much. Eating nothing but barbecue all day? Yes, please. 😀 Looks like y’all are enjoying Austin, too. One of my favorite cities anywhere.

  • Will Streety

    I am glad I helped point you to a good BBQ place

  • Maria Wass


  • Meredith

    I recommend going to a new and upcoming food trailer just off of 183 called Uncle Bobs Smokehouse … The chef graduated from Culinary School and really puts a creative spin on old bbq classics!!! Amazing brisket!!!

  • Linus Annlov

    What happened to the last vlog? The one where the guys go to the meetup in austin

  • Gabriella Alvarez


  • Stacey Nelson

    I have been dreaming of going to the salt lick since I saw it on Food Network 10 years ago or more..beef ribs and brisket, please? :)

  • Jason Hesslein

    Watching this a little bit late… But I live in Texas, and I went to some of these places this summer! Try Texas heat in August rather than May 😉