Our Exciting New Partnership With Workshop!

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In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re incredibly passionate about teaching people how to cook and getting as many of us around the world into the kitchen. We’re always looking at new ways of teaching new skills. Whether it’s through levelling up classic recipes, teaching the basics through Now Cook It, or going on our own Work Experience, where we can learn from our mistakes so you don’t have to – finding new ways to teach and learn is part of who we are and why we do what we do!

So we’re really excited and proud to announce that we are the Founding Partner of the cooking category on a new e-learning platform called Workshop.

Workshop provides a whole new way of learning-by-doing through a very smart app design and mini step-by-step videos delivered by experts who on the app, are called ‘mentors’. At SORTEDfood we’ve already been working to build a network of amazing mentors including our mates Edd Kimber, Eric Lanlard, The Chiappas and The Meringue Girls to produce content for the cooking category to help launch the app. 

So far, you can learn how to make stunning, customised macarons from scratch, banging pastries to rival those in the patisseries of Paris and a wide variety of impressive homemade pasta. The list goes on and on!

And that’s not all, our very own James Currie has created a bread baking workshop and THIS FRIDAY the one and only Ben ‘Ebbers’ Ebbrell will be launching his workshop on hosting guests effortlessly. Crammed full of hacks and tips, Ben’s workshop will give you an insight into how to be perfectly organised and always prepared for guests coming over for drinks or dinner.

This is an incredibly exciting venture for us. Through the app’s unique technology we can help equip passionate foodies with professional cooking skills that are usually inaccessible due to their high cost or required time commitment. When you take a workshop it really feels like the mentor is in the kitchen with you, guiding you every step of the way. You will come out of every module with theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, not to mention a delicious finished product to tuck into. You’re in complete control of your own learning curve.

If we’ve caught your attention, have a look at the full list of mentors and their workshops here or dive right in by downloading the app! At the moment, it’s only available on iOS… I KNOW, I KNOW – but don’t worry, the guys at Workshop are busy working on getting the Android version out very, very soon.

If you’re quick and one of the first 100 people to sign up for a workshop, you will get it for just £5. So if one of them takes your fancy, why not download the app, sign up and make the most of an amazing offer right now?!

We’d really love to hear what you think. If you have a go, let us know how you get on.

Love Jamie & The SORTEDfood Gang x