Today we had nothing pre-planned, so we decided to hit up some recommendations that really caught our eye. The first of these was Muffuletta. Sounds kind of weird right? Yep, we thought so too, but turns out it’s an Italian style circular bread sliced open and filled with loads of ham, cheese and olives then baked so that it’s just warm.

Unfortunately our first choice place didn’t have any bread! They offered us something different but we’re not allowed to eat it any other way! It’s Muffuletta or nothing! Luckily, there was a place close by that did them (I think most places probably do)! The sandwich was so good warm and it was the olives that really made it. They were the perfect

This place also did Gumbo and since we hadn’t tried any yet (?!) we grabbed a bowl of that to try too! We’re going to be honest… We’re not sure this was the best example of gumbo. We’re going to hold out for some better stuff later in the week. Hopefully we can find a bit!