Let’s Celebrate With The Kiwis: New Zealand Food Favourites

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Whether you’re a raving mad looney fan of Rugby or not, you probably should know that the New Zealand All Blacks just won the Rugby World Cup!

We’ve been incredibly proud in the UK to host the tournament at stadiums all over England and Wales. Especially here in London, it’s been fantastic to see the city buzzing and to merge cultures with so many different nationalities. Have you got any great stories from the cup?

Sport, just like food, is one of the beautiful things that so easily brings people together. So now that the sport is over, how about celebrating with the Kiwis and finding out what their best foodie things are? We asked a few of you from down there in the Southern Hemisphere to share your favourite things, and this is what we got…

Cookie Time – Individually wrapped cookies. 1 minute in the microwave equals heaven in your mouth.

Jaffas- These are a classic movie treat. They’re balls of chocolate wrapped in a hard orange flavoured shell. Forget Terry’s Chocolate Orange when you can have these.

Hokey Pokey- Honeycomb pieces in vanilla ice cream. No other ice cream matches up ever.


Hangi- This is a traditional Maori meal where meat and vegetables are buried in the ground and surrounded by hot rocks then covered with soil and left for hours. Then you dig it up and it’s all slow roasted amazingness – add salt – ohmyohmy.

New Zealand Strip 1

L&P- (Lemon and Paeroa) – originates from a tiny town called Paeroa. Sweet, lemon fizzy drink… great with gin, turned into sorbet or just plain!

Pineapple Lumps- These are lollies. Pretty gross really but lots of people like them. When you put them in the freezer they go crunchy and amazing. (In NZ lolly means sweets as well as lollipops- good to know.)

Fish and Chips- Just like the Pommies, we love fish and chips!

Squiggles- They’re biscuits… Hokey pokey flavour is AMAZING! (Hokey Pokey makes an appearance everywhere.)

Raspberry Lamingtons- Lamingtons are actually Australian but they are normally chocolate flavoured. They’re a sponge based desert sandwiched together with icing and covered in desiccated coconut. In NZ, there is a raspberry flavour, and these are hideously popular.

Pavlova- Did you know that the official birth of the pavlova is from New Zealand? It’s often up for debate and could create another showdown between NZ and Australia, but historical research most definitely points to New Zealand. We have a perfect recipe for a cappuccino pavlova! Make this and it’ll help you stay up celebrating all night.

pavlova strip

All sounds good right? I for one feel like I need Hokey Pokey in my life. Any New Zealanders out there got anything to add to the New Zealand food list? How will you be celebrating?

Do you reckon the food in your own country is better? We want to hear!